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The Benefits of Multiple Moisture Readings in Hay Production

Last week, we talked about how moisture meters help farmers take measurements of moisture in hay. In that blog post, we mentioned that it was important to take multiple measurements when measuring hay. Read More

How a Moisture Meter Knows Your Hay is Ready to Bale

When it comes to making a perfect hay bale, moisture is one of the most finicky and difficult to manage factors of the entire process. Farmers are up well before the crack of dawn, just to get a chance to maximize their hay yield by harvesting as soon as their hay hits ... Read More

5 of the Best Moisture Meters for Farmers & Hay Producers

Recently, we’ve talked about the importance of having a moisture meter for taking measurements in hay. With one of these handy devices, you can quickly assess your hay for moisture-related risks such as rot. The question, then, is “what are the best hay moisture ... Read More

Five Factors for High-Quality Hay

Hay might not be the most glamorous thing that a farmer grows, but it is one of the most important crops for keeping the entire farming industry going. Just as a primary source of feed for various farm animals, hay is a vital crop. Read More

Winter Water Damage Restoration Starts with the Right Tools

Winter weather is creeping in, and that means a whole new range of winter freeze-related restoration jobs. One of the most common problems facing homeowners in winter is broken pipes. Pipes burst when standing water freezes inside them, creating an emergency situation ... Read More

Moisture Levels During Hay Harvest and Storage

Like most other plants, fresh hay has a high moisture content. Allowing that hay to dry sufficiently before baling and then continuing to monitor moisture is essential both to protect the hay and as a safety precaution. Read More

Maintaining Quality and Value of Hay with Proper Moisture Levels

High quality hay is valuable hay. High quality hay needs to be baled at appropriate moisture levels to prevent spoilage, yet moist enough to prevent shattering losses, and is free of foreign matter, weeds and molds. Therefore, measuring moisture in hay is crucial for ... Read More