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Reduce Risks During Harvest Season with a Moisture Meter

Farmers have numerous challenges to deal with during the harvest season. Whether you grow hay, grain, or one of a thousand other crops, harvest time is the culmination of your efforts. But, it’s also one of the riskiest times for your crops. Read More

Are You Ready for Hops Harvesting Season?

In most of North America, the hops harvest starts in late August, while cultivation of hops goes on from April to early July. As noted by the American Hop Museum website, cultivation of hops helps to “control excess shoot growth” and “provides weed control, and ... Read More

The Importance of Measuring Moisture in Hops Harvesting

Testing moisture in hops during harvest is a must for every hopyard. There are many reasons why hop growers need to carefully check moisture in their hops, including: Read More