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How Does Temperature Affect Relative Humidity Meter Readings?

While most DIY projects probably won’t require relative humidity (RH) testing, there may be occasions where knowing the ambient humidity conditions can be useful. Read More

How to Prevent Wood from Warping

Warped wood is a common issue for lumber manufacturers, flooring installers, woodworkers—pretty much any professional who makes wood products. Wood warping can ruin both its aesthetic and practical value. For flooring wood, warping that takes place after the ... Read More

3 Tips for Using a Moisture Meter for Drywall

Gypsum, aka “drywall,” is a very popular material for use in the construction of homes and offices. The material is noted for its strong fire-resistant qualities. However, drywall is also known to be easily damaged by moisture compared to many other building materials. Read More

Why Do You Need Quantitative Moisture Readings?

Many experts and amateurs alike across the country use moisture meters to test the moisture content (MC) of various materials and products. Read More

What You Need to Know about the Moisture Meter Reference Scale

When you use a purpose-built moisture meter for wood, soil, hay, drywall, or any other specific material, that meter returns readings on a scale calibrated for that one type of material. Using a moisture testing tool that is calibrated to provide readings for a ... Read More

How to Understand Moisture Meter Readings for Accurate Results

Moisture meters are crucial tools for many different professionals. From agriculture, to lumber manufacturing, to water damage restoration, to construction, there are many applications that rely heavily on moisture testing to produce optimal end results. However, to ... Read More

How to Locate Leaks with a Moisture Meter

When it comes to leaks in a structure, whether that structure is an office or a home, finding the leak quickly is crucial. Leaks not only add to the cost of a utility bill— the water damage caused by moisture intrusion into the structure can require thousands of ... Read More

How to Become a Moisture Meter Distributor

Becoming a moisture meter distributor is a major step—whether you’re starting a new business or expanding your existing hardware/flooring/specialty tools store. There are numerous challenges to overcome, from stocking the right moisture meters for your target market, ... Read More

Check Your Moisture Meter's Calibration in 3 Easy Steps

 One of the biggest concerns when taking moisture readings is making sure the meter is in calibration so that you get accurate readings. When a meter is not calibrated, you may get faulty results—and being just one or two percentage points off can have a significant ... Read More

How to Improve Your Moisture Meter Sales

Moisture meter distributors, like any other sales-oriented business, are often on the lookout for ways to improve their sales. Selling moisture meters and moisture meter accessories can be challenging. However, there are a few ways distributors can improve their ... Read More