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The Hurricane Season Preparedness Checklist

Every year, millions of Americans living on or near either coast have to contend with the risks of hurricane season. According to data cited by National Geographic, the 2017 hurricane season was the most expensive in U.S. history, causing “more than $200 billion worth ... Read More

Caring for Your Relative Humidity Sensor

For any tool, proper care and maintenance is a must if you’re going to make that tool last. This is especially true for highly complex tools such as thermo-hygrometers. These devices are an invaluable addition to the toolkit of restoration professionals, flooring ... Read More

Why Are Grain Calibrations Important for Measuring Grain Moisture?

Measuring grain moisture content is an important step in preparing grain for harvesting, long-term storage, or sale. Making sure that grain is at its ideal moisture content is critical for maximizing its quality and nutritive value. Read More

Just How Much Damage Can Hurricane Season Cause?

Hurricanes are major forces of nature that can be massively destructive to homes and businesses alike. This is a fact that is easy to forget when major hurricanes don’t directly hit your home or place of business. However, many Americans received a harsh reminder of ... Read More

How Restoration Moisture Meters Help with Fire Damage

Fires are a constant hazard for modern homes and offices. From electrical fires that occur when circuitry shorts out, to cooking accidents involving burning grease, to acts of arson, to naturally-occurring forest fires that blaze near residential and commercial ... Read More

4 Ways Your Business Improves by Becoming a Moisture Meter Distributor

Moisture meters are critical tools for a surprising number of industries. Whether you have customers in the water damage restoration, construction, flooring, wood/lumber production, or agricultural industries, the odds are that they can benefit from you having some ... Read More

What is Equilibrium Moisture Content, and Why is it Important?

In many different industries that involve the use of wood or other hygroscopic materials, you might hear the term “EMC” mentioned from time to time. While industry veterans are intimately familiar with this term, to those who are new to the woodworking, flooring, or ... Read More

How Does a Pin-Type Moisture Meter Work?

No matter how effectively you work to lay a wood floor, all of your efforts could be for nothing if you don’t consider the floor’s moisture content (%MC). For wood products, slight changes in moisture content can significantly affect the machining, gluing, finishing, ... Read More

3 Benefits of Providing Your Flooring Customers with Moisture Meters

As the proprietor/manager of a flooring supply store, you know that your business’ success rides on your customers — their success, their happiness with your products/services, and your ability to upsell them more products and/or services. Whether you specialize in ... Read More

5 Tips for Easy and Effective ASTM F-2170 Testing

ASTM F-2170 is the de facto standard for testing moisture in concrete to predict how the slab will behave over time. This process is regarded as the gold standard for concrete testing by manufacturers around the world—many of whom won’t accept any other testing method ... Read More