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How Moisture Meters Can Help You Prepare for Hurricane Season

Summer weather can be both beautiful and terrifying. One day, the sun’s out, the beaches are calm, and there’s a light breeze that’s just enough to help you cool down. The next day, you hear a constant stream of updates about tropical depressions on the radio. A few ... Read More

Best Moisture Meters for Home Inspections

Did you know moisture intrusion is the single most important factor impacting the integrity of any structure? As such, it’s crucial that a building inspector has the proper tools for a thorough moisture analysis and that potential home buyers/building tenants get ... Read More

How to Locate Leaks with a Moisture Meter

When it comes to leaks in a structure, whether that structure is an office or a home, timeliness is of the utmost importance in minimizing the cost of a leak. Leaks not only add to the cost of a utility bill, the damage caused by water intrusion into the structure can ... Read More

The Negative Impacts That Moisture Can Have on Leather Goods

Leather has many different uses. From high-fashion wear, to furniture, to vehicle upholstery, you can go almost anywhere and find an example or two of leather products with ease. However, the process for making quality leather goods tends to be long and involved—it ... Read More

Moisture Measurement FAQ: What Are Safe Moisture Levels in Concrete?

A common question for the Delmhorst team is: “What is a safe moisture level for concrete?” Many people who are new to working with concrete (or have picked up a “concrete moisture meter”) and have heard about the negative effects that excess moisture in concrete can ... Read More

How to Test Hay Moisture Levels to Prepare for Safe Storage

Failure to properly store your hay can lead to horrible consequences — including the potential of dangerous fire hazards. And, when the safety of your hay products (and anything else that's nearby!) is at stake, so is your revenue should something happens. This is why ... Read More

What is a Moisture Meter Reference Scale and How Do I Interpret it?

When you use a purpose-built moisture meter for wood, soil, hay, drywall, or any other specific material, that meter returns readings on a scale calibrated for that one type of material. Using a moisture meter scale that is calibrated to provide readings for a specific ... Read More

What Are Safe Moisture Levels for Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood flooring can be elegant, durable, and practical for many interior applications. Businesses use hardwood floors in their offices to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere while homeowners use it to create smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces that (when ... Read More

How Summer Humidity Impacts Moisture in Your Home

Summertime has long been associated with warmer temperatures, trips to the beach, and more frequent calls to the A/C repair guy. However, summer weather can also affect your home by altering the average humidity and local temperatures. Read More

5 of the Best Moisture Meters for Woodworkers

As any experienced woodworker knows, accurately detecting moisture in wood is a huge part of ensuring a successful, problem-free wood product. By using a moisture meter for woodworking, professionals can ensure that they have consistent results. Read More