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How to Manually Make Species Corrections for Wood

When you use a wood moisture meter, it is calibrated to provide accurate measurements of moisture content in one specific type of wood. For Delmhorst’s wood moisture meters, the calibration used is for Douglas Fir wood. If used for another species of wood—such as ... Read More


There should be no doubt that the moisture content (MC) of the wood used in manufacturing of furniture, cabinets, flooring, and so on is super critical for producing products that perform well in service. As stated in Rx #1, the MC of lumber, of parts, and of the final ... Read More

Just How Much Damage Can Hurricane Season Cause?

Hurricanes are major forces of nature that can be massively destructive to homes and businesses alike. This is a fact that is easy to forget when major hurricanes don’t directly hit your home or place of business. However, many Americans received a harsh reminder of ... Read More

How Moisture Meters Can Help You Prepare for Hurricane Season

Summer weather can be both beautiful and terrifying. One day, the sun’s out, the beaches are calm, and there’s a light breeze that’s just enough to help you cool down. The next day, you hear a constant stream of updates about tropical depressions on the radio. A few ... Read More

How Summer Humidity Impacts Moisture in Your Home

Summertime has long been associated with warmer temperatures, trips to the beach, and more frequent calls to the A/C repair guy. However, summer weather can also affect your home by altering the average humidity and local temperatures. Read More

Picking the Right Moisture Meter: What is Moisture Detection Range?

There are a lot of different factors to consider when picking a moisture meter. First off, what kind of work do you need the moisture meter for — restoration, woodworking, or home inspection? The type of meter you need will vary based on the kind of work you’re ... Read More