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Where it Began

It started in 1946 with an enterprising idea. There were leaks in the roofs and plaster walls of buildings in New York City. Building superintendents needed a way to identify them for repair. Enter Bill Delmhorst and his proprietary moisture meter. He sold it to the city, and Delmhorst Instrument Co. was born.

Since then, Delmhorst has built a reputation for designing, manufacturing and marketing the highest quality moisture meters available on the market for a variety of industries. Every Delmhorst product is assembled in the USA, and is supported by our industry-leading warranty. Our commitment to product excellence and superior service began as a mission. Now, it is our hallmark.

Our meters provide consistent, accurate readings about the moisture level of your product. Whether you choose pin-type, or pin-free, the meters provide valuable information you need to make critical decisions.

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Our Mission: To Provide Top-Class Tools and Service

Beyond simply providing best-in-class tools for detecting moisture, Delmhorst is committed to supporting all of our customers—both end users and distributors. For distributors, Delmhorst offers numerous exclusive promotional and educational materials to help our distributors provide top-notch service to their own customers. For customers, we offer an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty and a U.S.-based customer support team to help troubleshoot moisture meter issues and provide tips for getting more out of your Delmhorst products.

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Supporting Distributors Around The World

Led by John and Tom Laurenzi, today, we serve more industries than all of our competitors combined, and are recognized as the market leader in each of those industries. Our moisture meters are widely beneficial to a variety of applications, for example:


We support all of our distributors across the world with a variety of exclusive tools and resources.

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Dear Friends,

We are grateful to all of you—our longtime colleagues, customers and friends—who called, sent cards or messages, flowers and donations, or were able to join us in celebrating Paul’s life last week. His children, Sophia and Max, led us in a loving tribute.

Wherever he went, often on behalf of Delmhorst, Paul made friends, connected with people, and did his best to meet their needs. His lifelong commitment to our family and our business, and to the people whose trust he gained, is evident in the outpouring of support that has provided so much comfort to our employees and to the entire Laurenzi family.

Thank you.

Delmhorst Instrument Company

March 23, 2018

Paul in Italy

Paul Laurenzi Remembered

From: 1966 - 2018

We are deeply saddened to share that our dear brother, business partner and colleague, Paul Laurenzi, has passed away. Paul was an integral part of the management team at Delmhorst. He joined our family’s business in 1990, and took on various roles, culminating in his leadership of the sales and marketing effort as Vice President. He believed in our brand, and was tireless in his efforts to connect with customers and make Delmhorst what it is today. We will miss him dearly.


Tom and John Laurenzi | March 13, 2018