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Delmhorst’s Pin and Pinless Moisture Meters for Construction and Building Industry

Delmhorst is a pioneer in moisture measurement. The company offers a comprehensive range of pin and pinless moisture meters to meet industry professionals’ needs. With steadfast precision and reliability, these innovative solutions empower the building trades, water ... Read More

Pin or Pinless Moisture Meters: Choosing the Right Meter for the Job

Moisture-related issues are a leading cause of property damage, with an astonishing 24% of property claims attributed to water damage. Whether you're a water damage restoration technician, a mold remediation specialist, an IAQ expert, or a building/home inspector, you ... Read More

Delmhorst: Your Trusted Partner for Precision Lumber Moisture Control

The Company: McClain Forest Products, LLC McClain Forest Products, LLC is located in West Plains, Missouri, and is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of Hugh McClain, a distinguished military veteran who started his business journey with poultry sales. In 1970, ... Read More

How to Determine the Optimal Moisture Content of Drywall and Gypcrete

Are you curious about the optimal moisture levels for drywall and gypcrete? Look no further! This guide uncovers insights that will help you protect your structures and make informed choices. Our discussion will also shed light on whether materials need replacement or ... Read More

How to Determine Mold Risks with Moisture Meters

Mold is everywhere. As a naturally occurring substance, it plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Uncontrolled mold, however, can present significant challenges if it grows where it's not wanted. It can cause allergic reactions or illnesses in people ... Read More

Monitoring Moisture Content in Wood Product Production

There should be no doubt that the moisture content (MC) of the wood used in manufacturing of furniture, cabinets, flooring, and so on is super critical for producing products that perform well in service. As stated in Rx #1, the MC of lumber, of parts, and of the final ... Read More

Top 5 Moisture Meters for Building Inspections

Today's building inspectors seek more than just compliance with building codes. They must also be alert for potential moisture concerns that might impair the quality of the construction. Sometimes, uncontrolled moisture levels are readily apparent, and evidence of them ... Read More

Four Trade Shows: Many Conversations. Delmhorst Connects with Industry Experts on Moisture Meter Technology

It's been a busy summer for Delmhorst and its traveling 'trade show' contingent. We were proud to participate as exhibitors at four separate industry-specific events, and at each, we enjoyed talking with both current and potential customers. While we were happy to ... Read More

Moisture Meters Enhance ‘The Experience’ of Restoration Industry Professionals

Homes and businesses can sustain their share of damage. And when they do, it’s professionals like those who attended September’s The Experience Convention and Trade Show who help clean them up. Designed specifically for professionals and technicians in the water ... Read More

Delmhorst Builds Customer Relationships at the AWFS Fair

Since 1957, attendees of the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers Fair (AWFS) have witnessed firsthand the evolution of tools, systems, and policies within the woodworking and furnishings design industries. Guests to the 2023 show, held in Las Vegas in ... Read More