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How to Use the Best Moisture Meter for Your In-Kiln Monitoring System

For lumber manufacturers, drying lumber in the kiln is an everyday process—yet one that can be maddeningly difficult to get just right. Being able to monitor the shell and core moisture of lumber boards inside the kiln is crucial for being able to better optimize your ... Read More

The Best Times to Use Pin or Pinless Moisture Meters

There are many situations where it may be necessary to test the moisture content (%MC) of something. And, when it comes to directly testing the moisture content of materials, there are two primary options—pin moisture meters and pinless moisture meters. Read More

Top 3 Best Moisture Meters You Need for Lumber Distributors

For lumber distributors, being able to ensure that the raw or processed lumber products that they sell can meet consistent standards of quality is a must. Because of how much moisture impacts the overall quality of lumber, lumber distributors need to have a reliable ... Read More

How Can Moisture Meters Help with Hurricane Damage?

We are deep into hurricane season, and once again vast swathes of property in the U.S. have suffered significant hurricane damage from high winds and flood waters. In fact, according to data cited by CNBC, the hurricane damage costs from Florence—which struck the ... Read More

5 Best Wood Moisture Meters for Flooring Contractors

Flooring contractors have to constantly deal with moisture so they can maximize the quality of their flooring installations. If there’s too much or too little moisture in the wood compared to the installation site, there could be issues. If there’s an active leak in ... Read More

What is Equilibrium Moisture Content, and Why is it Important?

In many different industries that involve the use of wood or other hygroscopic materials, you might hear the term “EMC” mentioned from time to time. While industry veterans are intimately familiar with this term, to those who are new to the woodworking, flooring, or ... Read More

How to Measure the Moisture Content of Wood for DIY Projects

If you’re an intrepid do-it-yourself enthusiast getting ready to complete a major project that involves wood, it’s important to know how to measure the moisture content of that wood for your DIY project. Read More

4 Moisture Meter Resources That Will Improve Your Customer Service

Being a distributor of moisture meters isn’t always easy. It’s especially difficult when you have to help inexperienced customers with their new moisture meters, process warranty requests, and make sure that you’re stocking the right moisture meters for your customers. Read More

Why You Should Always Check for Moisture in Your Basement

Everyday, homes and businesses are exposed to water damage in one form or another. Whether it’s catastrophic flooding, seepage from a burst or leaky pipe, or a fault in the building’s structure that allows moisture in, there are numerous ways for water to make it into ... Read More

Why You’ll Want a Firewood Moisture Meter

In many parts of the USA, winter is a time for family and loved ones to gather together and enjoy the warmth of a cozy fireplace. While many modern fireplaces use gas to bring warmth and light to the home, for countless Americans, there’s really no replacement for a ... Read More