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Advanced Hay Moisture Control

This is our fifth article in a series of six discussing how you can ensure the quality of your hay product by monitoring its moisture content (%MC) from the windrow through baling, storage, and delivery. Read More

Introducing the new BDX-20 and BDX-30 Moisture Meters from Delmhorst!

Moisture Meters for Building Trades and Water Damage Restoration Read More

How to Control Moisture Content in Hay Bales

As any experienced hay producer knows, the moisture content (%MC) of hay needs to be strictly controlled. With too little moisture, hay becomes brittle, loses nutritional value, and is unpalatable for livestock. With too much moisture, hay can spoil while baled hay can ... Read More

5 Must-Have Moisture Meters for Agriculture

In the agriculture industry, moisture is a constant concern for many reasons. Farmers need to know how much water in the soil is available to their crops, what the moisture content (%MC) of plants are at the time of harvest, and whether or not their crops are at an ... Read More

How to Test Hay Moisture Levels to Prepare for Safe Storage

Failure to properly store your hay can lead to horrible consequences — including the potential of dangerous fire hazards. And, when the safety of your hay products (and anything else that's nearby!) is at stake, so is your revenue should something happen. This is why ... Read More

4 Reasons You NEED to Detect Moisture in Your Hay

Moisture in hay is one of those things that laypeople rarely ever think about. If the thought of monitoring hay moisture content did cross their minds, they’d probably wonder “who cares if the hay is a bit too wet or dry?” However, the moisture content of hay is a ... Read More

What’s the Difference Between Measuring Moisture in Hay vs. Grain?

Some users often ask “why isn’t there a single be-all, end-all device for measuring moisture in hay, grain and other crops?” The short answer is that there are a lot of differences in the different crops grown by farmers that make it difficult to create a universal ... Read More

6 of Our Most Frequently-Asked Questions On Hay Moisture Meters

Q: How Do Hay Moisture Meters Work? Hay moisture meters use the principle of electrical resistance to determine moisture content in different types of hay. Because moisture conducts electricity and dry hay acts as an insulator, wet hay will let electricity through ... Read More

Measuring Moisture in Baled Hay Vs. Loose Hay

Hay harvesting is a job that requires a highly precise measurement of the moisture content of the hay before and after baling. Having too little moisture can compromise the quality and nutritive value of the hay—too much moisture can promote the growth of microbes and, ... Read More

The Farmer’s Quick Checklist for Buying a Hay Moisture Meter

When shopping for a hay moisture meter, farmers need a tool that’s both rugged and accurate. However, finding a high-quality device for measuring moisture in hay can be a bit tougher than you might think. Read More