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5 Tips for Easy and Effective ASTM F-2170 Testing

ASTM F-2170 is the de facto standard for testing moisture in concrete to predict how the slab will behave over time. This process is regarded as the gold standard for concrete testing by manufacturers around the world—many of whom won’t accept any other testing method ... Read More

Top 6 Things You Need to Know About ASTM F-2170

ASTM International is an organization that defines and sets various standards for ensuring quality and safety for different products and services. Globally, the organization has released over 12,000 standards. ASTM F-2170 is the standard for testing relative humidity ... Read More

Ensuring Accurate Readings in Relative Humidity Meters

Thermo-hygrometers, otherwise known as RH meters because they measure the relative humidity of a given area, are an important tool for flooring contractors, restoration specialists, and many other professionals. While the function of these devices is related to ... Read More

Do Concrete Moisture Meters Exist?

If you’re installing concrete as a do-it-yourself project, there are a lot of things that you have to be careful of. Improperly-installed concrete can spall, crack, or develop any number of other problems. Read More

Relative Humidity (RH) Moisture Meters for Concrete

A Relative Humidity (RH) meter is a device that uses in-situ probes to get an accurate reading of moisture conditions deep within a material — typically a concrete slab. These meters give contractors a complete idea of the actual moisture conditions within a slab so ... Read More

Measuring Moisture: Answers to 3 Top Thermo-Hygrometer FAQs

Here on the Delmhorst blog, we frequently talk about the benefits of moisture meters, those devices that can take a moisture content reading in different building materials. Read More

What is ASTM-F-2170, and How do Concrete RH Sensors Figure into it?

Odds are that, if you’re a flooring contractor or inspector, you’re already familiar with the ASTM-F-2170 standard for measuring moisture in concrete. This testing method for concrete has been the industry standard for years now, allowing flooring specialists to ... Read More

How Moisture Meters Help Ensure a Sound Structure in Construction

Construction crews have a very demanding job. Not only is there a lot of heavy lifting, tight deadlines, and specialized tools required for a successful job, there are an enormous amount of building codes and guidelines that construction workers need to follow. Read More

Accuracy Tips For Measuring RH In Concrete Floors

Whenever there’s a discussion about measuring relative humidity (%RH) in concrete floors, the question of accuracy is often brought up. It’s always wise to get accurate moisture readings as there are many reasons for measuring RH, including: Read More

Moisture & Concrete: What's The Relationship?

While all types of concrete structures contain moisture, too much of it or an uneven distribution can cause issues in both subfloor and exposed concrete flooring. While the concrete can easily provide a strong foundation for flooring, excess moisture can create ... Read More