Moisture Meters for Building Inspection

Building inspections are a key part of the process in the sale of both residential and commercial property. Threats such as mold need to be quickly and reliably identified and remediated before a sale or lease agreement can be completed. How to test for mold and other major issues? With a variety of handheld moisture meters and humidity gauges for building inspection, of course!

Whether you prefer pin, pinless, or 2-in-1 devices, Delmhorst is sure to have the best moisture meter to meet your needs.

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The BDX-20 is a new pin moisture meter equipped with a large, easy to read display and easy grip handle.  Use on wood, drywall and many other building materials.



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The BDX-30 with Bluetooth® has all the features of the BDX-20 along with advanced customizations, available through the Delmhorst EDGE™ app for maximum convenience and flexibility.  Save and share unlimited readings with timestamps and geotags, and easily export data to ensure complete accuracy.



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The ProScan is a pinless moisture meter that has a clear, easy-to-read display and species corrections for many types of wood.


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This pinless meter is the fast, accurate, and non-destructive way to measure the moisture content of walls and floors in a structure.


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A 3-in-1 device that combines pin and pinless moisture measurement modes with a removable thermo-hygrometer that gauges ambient temperature and relative humidity—a must for quickly identifying moisture-compromised areas of a building.

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TechCheck PLUS

This 2-in-1 moisture meter combines both pin and pinless reading modes to simplify the task of inspecting building materials for excess moisture.

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HT-4000 Thermo-Hygrometer

This top-end device can gauge both humidity and temperature with ease—making it simple to detect above-average humidity that might indicate excess moisture.

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HT-3000 Thermo-Hygrometer

An easy-to-use humidity gauge with a digital display that tracks temperature and relative humidity. A simple interface makes it the ideal hygrometer for non-expert users.

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This best-selling moisture meter is a versatile meter ideal for testing moisture in many different building materials, such as wood, concrete, drywall, EIFS, insulation, and more!

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A simple, easy-to-operate moisture meter with an analog display that measures moisture in wood building materials and more.

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A simple light-up display and controls make the J-Lite one of the best moisture meters for people who are using one for the first time.

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A classic moisture meter that has stood the test of time, the G-79 was one of the first Delmhorst moisture meters to feature the gypsum scale for testing drywall moisture.

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