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How Does the Relative Humidity Affect the Quality of Wood?

For many woodworking professionals, the complications that the relative humidity (RH) of their work areas can cause is a constant concern. Many manufacturers check the moisture content percentage of their wood religiously, but still come across problems because they ... Read More

How Do I Understand Moisture Meter Readings on a Wood Scale?

What is a Wood Scale for Moisture Measurement? Moisture meters are used to measure the amount of moisture in different types of materials, including wood, drywall, and concrete. When you make moisture meter readings, you need to apply your results to a scale to ... Read More

Do You Need a Wood Humidity Meter for Your Products?

As a woodworker or carpenter, you know the importance of a wood humidity meter. You know that too much moisture can quickly ruin your finished products. You need to be able to check the moisture levels of the wood before, during, and after your work is done. Wet wood ... Read More

3 Reasons You Should Use a Moisture Detector for Woodworking

When creating any woodworking project, using a moisture detector that’s been specifically calibrated for wood is a must. Read More

The Wood Manufacturer's Guide to Maximizing Quality

When it comes to the wood manufacturing industry, there are many challenges that may arise.  Issues with quality control then lead to slower production and faulty products. For any company that takes wood and turns it into a consumer product or tool, maintaining strict ... Read More

Why Moisture Meters Can be a Woodworker/Craftsman's Best Investment

A high-quality, accurate moisture meter is an incredibly useful tool for craftsmen that frequently work with wood. In many ways, moisture meters can be a craftsman’s best investment. Read More

3 Reasons a Moisture Meter is Essential for Wood Hobbyists

Picture the following scenario: You’ve spent weeks assembling a new wood chair for your house. Every day, you’ve carefully measured, cut, and shaped each piece of lumber into the perfect piece of furniture for your living room or deck. Read More

I’m a Hobbyist. Do I NEED a Moisture Meter for My Wood?

One question that a lot of hobbyists and craftsmen have about moisture meters is whether or not they really need one for their wood. Buying a moisture meter can be expensive, especially if you’re getting one of the top-of-the line models that a professional might use. Read More

The Importance of Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) in Woodworking

Equilibrium Moisture Content (or EMC for short) is a term that is closely linked to the woodworking industry. Simply put, equilibrium moisture content is the point where hygroscopic materials such as wood stop absorbing or dispersing moisture because they have reached ... Read More

Top 3 Professional-Grade Flooring Wood Moisture Meters

In a recent post, we talked about some of the best flooring moisture meters for DIY enthusiasts. But, what about those who need to use moisture meters for professional work? Read More