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What You Need to Know about the Moisture Meter Reference Scale

When you use a purpose-built moisture meter for wood, soil, hay, drywall, or any other specific material, that meter returns readings on a scale calibrated for that one type of material. Using a moisture testing tool that is calibrated to provide readings for a ... Read More

How to Control Moisture Content in Hay Bales

As any experienced hay producer knows, the moisture content (%MC) of hay needs to be strictly controlled. With too little moisture, hay becomes brittle, loses nutritional value, and is unpalatable for livestock. With too much moisture, hay can spoil while baled hay can ... Read More

5 of the Best Moisture Meters for Woodworkers

As any experienced woodworker knows, accurately detecting moisture in wood is a huge part of ensuring a successful, problem-free wood product. By using a moisture meter for woodworking, professionals can ensure that they have consistent results. Read More

3 Tips for Using a Relative Humidity Gauge/Sensor

Home inspectors have a serious responsibility to carry out: finding any and all faults in a building’s structure before a sales negotiation takes place. If you, as a building inspector, miss a major fault in a structure’s materials, it can end up costing the buyer a ... Read More

Using Moisture Meters to Ensure Top-Quality Leather

Normally, when we talk about moisture meters in this blog, we’re discussing how they’re used for woodworking, farming, water damage restoration, or construction. However, there are other industries which make use of moisture meters in their day-to-day operations. Read More

What are the Different Moisture Meter Readings Scales Used for?

For many professionals, moisture meters are a must-have tool for their work. From the farmer who tests the available moisture in soil for irrigation, to the flooring contractor testing the moisture in wood flooring to make sure that it is not going to cup, warp or ... Read More

How to Separate Moisture Meter Readings by Room or Job

When taking moisture content readings, professionals such as restoration specialists or flooring contractors might need to be able to thoroughly track the moisture readings they take by specific rooms or jobs. Read More

Are You Ready for the Hay Harvest Season?

The hay growing season is upon us yet again, and farmers around the country are preparing to harvest their crops as summer begins. Read More

Why Paper Producers Use Moisture Meters

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Moisture Meter Tips for Building Inspectors

When performing a building inspection, whether for the sale of a building, a rental, homeowner’s insurance purposes, or any other situation that calls for such a check, it is important that any potential water damage risks are properly identified so they can be ... Read More