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When you’re installing hardwood floors as part of a DIY home renovation project, odds are you want to make sure that the hardwood you’re using is protected. After all, hardwood is a beautiful flooring material, and the highest-quality wood floors can be very expensive. Read More

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Moisture Meter to Assist With Your Hay Needs

In the third part of our series, we dive deeper into how Delmhorst's specialized moisture meters can fulfill the requirements of the hay industry. Building on insights from the previous article about the fundamental benefits of implementing quality moisture meters, we ... Read More

What’s the Ideal Moisture Content for Wood Flooring?

Working with wood flooring materials isn’t an easy job. When high-quality wood is installed well, it can be one of the most beautiful and long-lasting flooring materials on the market. Read More

How Does Temperature Affect Relative Humidity Meter Readings?

While most DIY projects probably won’t require relative humidity (RH) testing, there may be occasions where knowing the ambient humidity conditions can be useful. Read More

3 Best RH Meters You Need to Carry as a Distributor

Recently, we released an article explaining some of the reasons that distributors should carry thermo-hygrometers (a.k.a. RH meters) for their customers—reasons such as ASTM F-2170 testing, helping to improve restoration work, optimizing lumber production efforts, and ... Read More

How Does Humidity Affect Moisture Meter Readings?

One question that moisture meter users frequently ask is “If humidity is the amount of moisture in the air, and moisture meters check the amount of moisture in something, can the humidity affect a moisture meter reading?” Read More

Using an RH Meter to Gauge Humidity in Cold Weather

For many professionals, knowing the ambient humidity conditions in a given area can be incredibly useful. Some uses of this information include: Read More

RH FAQ's: Explaining Relative Humidity

Question: What is relative humidity (RH)? Answer: In the water damage restoration, home inspection, and woodworking industries, RH (or relative humidity) is the amount of water vapor in the air for a given area expressed as a percentage of the amount needed to reach ... Read More

Testing RH with Your Concrete Moisture Meter

When installing concrete flooring of any kind, it’s absolutely vital that you know the relative humidity (RH) conditions deep in the slab. Failure to test RH can lead to some severe problems later on. Read More

3 Tools Every Craftsman Should Have for Woodworking

Craftsmen can take days or even weeks shaping and assembling custom wood products. The best craftsmen obsess over every detail, making sure that their work is as free of defect as possible. Whether the woodwork product has a practical purpose or is a work of art, ... Read More