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What Does It Mean to Be a Moisture Meter Distributor for Delmhorst?

Being a moisture meter distributor for Delmhorst might offer you benefits than being a distributor for other moisture meter manufacturers. “What does it mean to be a Delmhorst distributor,” you ask? Read More

Should You Repair Your Moisture Meter, or Replace it?

It happens to the best of us: one day, you’re working on a job, and a tool gets fumbled and hits the concrete, hard. Or, a sensitive tool gets left in the kiln by accident. Maybe a faulty battery just explodes, leaking acid all over the place or even catching fire. ... Read More

Say Hello to Delmhorst’s New and Improved Moisture Meter Website!

Hello Delmhorst blog readers! Tom Laurenzi here and I wanted to take some time to talk to you all directly. As you may have already noticed, the Delmhorst website has been completely redesigned. Read More

4 Tips for Measuring Humidity in Hardwood Floors

Recently, we made a post about how to measure moisture in wood for DIY enthusiasts. Today, let’s dig a little deeper into the practice with a few tips that DIY enthusiasts can use for measuring humidity in hardwood floors. Read More

Protecting Your Woodworking Moisture Meter from the Cold

If you’re working on household DIY projects in the winter, and especially in the colder northern states, then you might be familiar with the way that extreme cold can affect sensitive materials. Read More

Should You Repair or Replace Your Moisture Meter?

Moisture meters can be powerful tools for contractors to use on the job. These rugged devices enable the collection of moisture content readings from various building materials, giving contractors an idea of whether or not said materials are at risk for moisture damage. Read More

Choosing the Right Moisture Meter for Your Needs

Moisture can be a major concern for a variety of industries, such as: Read More

Flooring Issues & How Moisture Meters Can Solve Them

As a flooring contractor or a restoration specialist, you know that flooring installation can become a tough task with all of the protocols and safety precautions that you have to keep in mind. However, when you’ve finished a project, your clients will be appreciative ... Read More

Quick Fixes for Common Moisture Meter Issues

Although moisture meters serve as a quick, accurate and effective way of keeping structures and various materials up to code, they can also break or fall down on the job. Like all machinery or intricate equipment, they need tender loving care in order to continue ... Read More

How Much Can NOT Measuring Hay Moisture Cost You?

Read More