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The Importance of Moisture Meters to Property Owners

A moisture meter is a handy tool to have whether you're a property owner, contractor, or inspector. You can detect moisture in a variety of hygroscopic materials, including concrete, wood, drywall, roofing, plaster, tile, brick, and paper products. Meters allow you to ... Read More

Introducing the new BDX-20 and BDX-30 Moisture Meters from Delmhorst!

Moisture Meters for Building Trades and Water Damage Restoration Read More

5 Must-Have Moisture Meters for Agriculture

In the agriculture industry, moisture is a constant concern for many reasons. Farmers need to know how much water in the soil is available to their crops, what the moisture content (%MC) of plants are at the time of harvest, and whether or not their crops are at an ... Read More

Using a Damp Tester for Cotton

Cotton can be a fickle crop at harvest time. If your cotton in the field is too dry at harvest and processing, then you run the risk of damaging the fibers and ruining the cotton. On the other hand, cotton that’s too damp can stick to and clog your ... Read More

How Does a Moisture Meter for Cotton Work?

Cotton has long been one of the most important crops grown in the U.S. Across the world, textile producers rely heavily on cotton for making their products. Because of the near-constant demand for cotton, it has long been a cornerstone of American farming. Read More

5 Tips for Measuring Moisture in Cotton

Cotton has long been an enormously important plant for farmers throughout the world. As one of the world’s most widely used textile fibers, cotton is a cornerstone of not only the farming industry, but of every industry that needs cotton-based fibers. Last year alone, ... Read More