Moisture Meters for Agriculture

Farmers know that, regardless of crop type, one of the most important factors in making high-quality crops is to carefully monitor moisture all the way from planting to harvest time. Delmhorst’s agriculture moisture meters help farmer test the moisture content of different crops to ensure better yields and quality from the harvest. Our top-performing moisture meters for agriculture include:


This hay moisture tester can be used both as a handheld device in the windrow and as a baler-mounted unit to test hay moisture in the field and during the baling process. Learn More


A convenient, easy-to-use handheld moisture meter for checking the moisture content of hay in the windrow or in the bale, the F 2000 can be used with a variety of optional probes for increased versatility.

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With an easy-to-read analog display and a moisture detection range of 6% - 30% (or 13% - 40% as the F-6), the F-6/6-30 is a hay moisture meter that makes testing hay’s moisture content easy.

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This cotton moisture meter is able to accurately measure the moisture content of your cotton quickly and easily. Get a measurement of your cotton’s moisture content in seconds!

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A classic grain moisture tester from Delmhorst, the G-7 is a rugged resistance-type moisture meter that can be used to check the moisture content of grain at harvest and in storage!

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This hops moisture meter helps you identify when your hops have reached the optimum moisture content for harvest. With built-in calibration checks, you can test hops moisture with confidence!

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This classic analog moisture tester for hops lets you quickly and accurately check the moisture levels of your baled hops to ensure quality. Very popular for testing hops in storage.

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This soil moisture meter uses Delmhorst’s GB-1 Gypsum Sensor Blocks to help farmers check the moisture that’s available to their crops in the soil. A must-have for optimizing your irrigation!

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A tobacco moisture meter that has been optimized for measuring moisture in burley tobacco, the F-2000T helps tobacco growers optimize their harvesting and storage by monitoring tobacco moisture.

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A digital thermometer for farming that features rugged construction to withstand the toughest work conditions. Can be combined with electrodes to monitor soil, hay, and grain temperature as well.

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