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How Delmhorst's Moisture Meters Drive Northeast Power Dry's Success

Company Profile: Northeast Power Dry Inc. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Northeast Power Dry has carved a niche for itself as a trusted provider of water damage restoration services. Read More


Why should flooring installers and inspectors use moisture meters for wood flooring? When installing wood flooring, moisture is a constant concern. This is because wood is a hygroscopic material—it will gain or lose moisture until it reaches equilibrium with the ... Read More

How to Determine Mold Risks with Moisture Meters

Most home and business owners prefer not to have mold growing in their buildings. But, very few actively check for mold until it is too late, and the mold has started to actively exhibit its most common symptoms: musty odors and discoloration of building materials. Why ... Read More

Delmhorst Brings Advanced Moisture Meter Technology to SERVPRO’s Annual Convention

With over 2,000 franchises in the United States, SERVPRO is one of the country's most respected cleanup and restoration companies. Each year, SERVPRO technicians serve the thousands of people and businesses that have suffered some form of property damage, from flooding ... Read More

Delmhorst Brings Best-In-Class Moisture Meters to the RESTORE Conference & Expo

If your property restoration enterprise is intent on fine-tuning its property damage solutions, then you may have attended the June 2023 RESTORE Conference and Expo in New Orleans. Hundreds of restoration professionals, contractors, and technicians turned out to learn ... Read More

Make the Most of Your Moisture Meter with the EDGE™ App

In this last of seven articles in our series, we will explore the range of assets and opportunities offered by Delmhorst's innovative EDGE™ App, which revolutionizes the moisture content (MC) measuring and monitoring industry. Designed to incorporate Delmhorst's ... Read More

How Moisture Meters Combine Classic Features with New Technology

By definition, a classic is something that provides consistent quality, appeal, performance, and longevity, so users can rely on its service to accomplish their objectives. In this article, you'll read about how that definition fits the Delmhorst NavigatorTM line of ... Read More

Moisture Meter History: The Development of This Essential Tool

Product quality evolves over time as tools and techniques improve. This reality is definitely true when it comes to moisture meters for industrial use. Moisture in all of its forms can cause significant damage to process, goods, and production machinery, so maintaining ... Read More

Moisture Meter Technology: Revolutionizing Modern Industries from Paper to Leather

Assuring product quality should be your highest corporate priority, regardless of what your product might be. Delmhorst moisture meters for paper and leather give your organization the precision tool it needs to prove and maintain the high quality of your paper and ... Read More

Moisture Meters for Agriculture: How Modern Technology Benefits The Hay & Cotton Industries

It's never been more crucial for agricultural commodity producers to monitor the status of their crops. The evolving influence of disruptive weather conditions is compelling the industry to make out-of-the-box decisions on the fly, encouraging the 'ag' industry to ... Read More