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How to Use the TotalCheck Moisture Meter to Save Time and Money

For many moisture meter users, time is of the essence. Restoration professionals need to know where hidden moisture lies in a structure as soon as possible to minimize or prevent water damage. Lumber manufacturers need to know if all of the wood they’re processing is ... Read More

How to Use Pinless Moisture Meters for Finding Leaks

For plumbers, restoration professionals, and even home or business owners, locating leaks quickly is essential. When moisture intrusion in a structure is allowed to continue unabated, it can lead to various structural problems and health hazards, such as: Read More

4 Ways Moisture Meter Electrodes Make Your Life Easier

When using moisture meters to trace moisture throughout various materials, it can definitely help to have a fewspecialty moisture meter electrodes on hand. How do moisture meter electrodes make life easier for you? The answer depends on how you use meter electrodes and ... Read More

How to Choose the Best Flooring Moisture Meter Manufacturer

Flooring companies need to have access to a steady stream of reliable moisture meters for their floor installation jobs—not to mention spare parts and accessories for said moisture meters. These moisture testing devices need to be rugged, reliable, and accurate. Part ... Read More

How to Choose the Best Moisture Meter Electrodes for Restoration Work

For many restoration projects, moisture meters can be indispensable for fast and effective dry-out/tear-out work. However, the pins on a pin-type meter (or the scanning plate of a pinless meter) cannot always readily reach where a restoration expert needs them to. In ... Read More

How Can Moisture Meters Help with Property Damage Insurance Claims?

Hurricane season brings with it increased concerns about property damage and homeowner’s insurance. Specifically, concerns like “will the cost of damage from high winds, flooding, and the like be covered?” Read More

Choosing the Right Moisture Meter Electrode for Your Work

Moisture meter electrodes play a significant role in determining the functionality of a moisture meter. With the right electrode, a moisture meter can read deep into a hay bale, make enough contact with a handful of cotton to get a reading, or go underneath wall trim ... Read More


There are two types of moisture meters used with lumber. One uses pins or needles that are inserted into the piece of wood being tested; the other does not have pins but has a plate that must be in good contact the wood. Which meter is best? There are two answers: Read More

Using Moisture Meters to Identify and Remediate Pest Infestations

Pest control is a year-round issue for many parts of the U.S. In the warmer regions of the country, even the dead of winter is no protection from the endless onslaught of rats, roaches, termites, and other pest species. Normally, the first thing that most people think ... Read More

Why Carry Moisture Meters with Universal Probe Sockets for Customers?

Moisture meter distributors are often challenged to find the ideal solution to all of their clients’ specific moisture testing needs. However, there is no one moisture meter that can do absolutely everything. Stocking hundreds of different moisture meter models for ... Read More