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Using Moisture Meters to Determine Mold Risk

The tools used today for detecting moisture are incredibly accurate pieces of technology, which can pinpoint precise weak and problematic points hidden within surfaces. Detecting this moisture within property walls and flooring can indicate areas where corrosion and ... Read More

Effects of the Cold on Flooring Moisture Meter Readings for DIY-ers

While flooring professionals are used to adjusting for material temperature when taking a reading, do-it-yourself enthusiasts might not be as familiar with the effect of low temperatures on flooring moisture meter readings, which can throw off their reading results. Read More

Moisture Acclimation of Wood in Different Parts of the Country

As most of us know, wood is an environmentally vulnerable material; it can expand and contract dependent on the environmental conditions, indoors and outdoors. Wood is a hygroscopic material which means that it attracts and holds moisture from its environment changing, ... Read More

How to Check Lumber Acclimation with Moisture Meters

If you’re in the process of a hardwood floor installation or a simple wood trim and casework, then you’re likely already aware of the importance of letting the wood product get adjusted to the environment before you begin anything. You see, wood is a complex, ... Read More

Flooring Issues & How Moisture Meters Can Solve Them

As a flooring contractor or a restoration specialist, you know that flooring installation can become a tough task with all of the protocols and safety precautions that you have to keep in mind. However, when you’ve finished a project, your clients will be appreciative ... Read More

Unchecked Moisture Can Lead to Flooring Install Failures

Another year, another successful NWFA Wood Flooring Expo! This year I presented “How Moisture Claims Can Drown Your Profits” educational seminar to a full house of over 100 professionals interested in learning how they can improve their wood flooring installation or ... Read More

How Moisture Meters can save You Money

Moisture meters are an integral part of doing business for many professionals. From insurance adjusters, to flooring or furniture specialists, to restoration experts, moisture meters are a vital tool. In fact, many of these professionals use moisture meters not only to ... Read More

Determining Distribution of Moisture in Board Lumber

For professionals who work with boards of lumber on a regular basis, such as lumber manufacturers, knowing not just the moisture content of wood, but the distribution of that moisture can be important. Read More

TechScan and ProScan Pinless Moisture Meters: What’s the Difference?

A couple of years ago, Delmhorst Instrument Co. introduced a new pinless moisture meter to our customers: the TechScan pinless meter. Since the introduction of TechScan, it has proven to be a popular choice for building inspectors and restoration contractors who work ... Read More

About the ProScan Pinless Moisture Meter

Recently, Delmhorst introduced its second pinless moisture meter product: ProScan. So, today, we want to talk about pinless moisture meters and how they work, as well as some of the special functions of the ProScan and how to use them. Read More