Your Guide to Choosing the Best Moisture Meter to Assist With Your Hay Needs

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Apr 25, 2022 4:40:10 PM

In the third part of our series, we dive deeper into how Delmhorst's specialized moisture meters can fulfill the requirements of the hay industry. Building on insights from the previous article about the fundamental benefits of implementing quality moisture meters, we will introduce the most suitable moisture meter models from the Delmhorst inventory specifically for hay applications. 

Moisture control remains a priority for hay industry professionals as inaccurate moisture measurements may result in myriad problems, such as hay spoilage and fire hazards. While most moisture meters provide the core function of measuring moisture levels, you should select your model based on the features required to optimize operations and meet the needs of your projects and industry. 


High-Volume Hay Producers


High-volume hay producers need to ensure a consistent method of measuring and maintaining moisture levels across a large volume. Moisture measurements should span various stages in hay production, from the windrow to baling and storage.  

Using a reliable hay moisture meter like Delmhorst's FX-2000 is essential to ensure that your hay crops retain the right amount of moisture content (MC) throughout their lifecycle. The FX-2000 provides accurate readings with a 6-40% moisture range on hay. Additionally, the model comes with a built-in calibration check and set-point alerts for preset MCs.  

As high-volume hay producers perform their duties throughout the farm, the FX-2000's continuous feature could prove highly useful. The continuous mode lets users connect the FX-2000 to a tractor's power supply and takes two readings every second. Additionally, a built-in backlight makes it easy to see the meter display any time of day or night.  

Delmhorst's FX-2000 model is ideal if you need to maintain top standards for  large-scale production, and features rugged construction so that you can expect long-lasting durability in demanding agricultural environments. 

We provide a range of FX-2000 package options according to your specific hay production needs, including an interchangeable range of handy components such as various length co-ax prods, bale sensors, windrow probes to best suit your application. 


Enhanced Quality Control in Hay Production


Leading hay producers need to ensure that their crops maintain correct moisture levels across varying stages of production and storage to offer quality products without exception. Enhanced moisture control can also help prevent some of the common issues in hay production. 

For instance, high moisture content in hay promotes mold and bacterial growth that can compromise quality and profits. On the other hand, low moisture content results in dry and shattered leaves, robbing the hay of its nutritional value.  

The hand-held F-2000 model offers a moisture range of 6% - 40% and also has a  memory function to display the average and highest readings, critical info when determining the overall condition of the bale. Like the FX-2000, the moisture meters have built-in battery and calibration check and package variations that suit your specific  needs. 

Our F-2000 model is essentially the same meter as the FX-2000 but without the tractor-powered functionality of the FX-2000. The simple, straightforward design makes the F-2000 ideal for efficiently managing hay production in large and small operations. 

General Hay Production


Delmhorst also offers the popular analog style F-6/6-30 and F-6. Both are optimized for general hay processes and feature essential functions that provide quick and efficient moisture measurements, without the complexities associated with more advanced models.  

The F-6/6-30 is ideal for the export market, where low readings between 6% and 12% are the critical range of readings before finalizing an order. Our standard F-6 model provides readings over the range of 13%-40%.  

As with most Delmhorst moisture meters, both models come with various configurations, depending on your needs. The easy-to-read analog display makes for trouble-free reading under most lighting conditions while offering a lightweight, compact design for convenience.  

Improved Setups with Multi-function Electrodes


Electrodes are essential components in moisture meters, providing devices with the electrical flow that a conductivity meter requires.  Choosing the right electrode for your moisture measurements goes a long way toward enhancing the overall quality control in hay production. 

Delmhorst offers a diverse range of electrodes for varying setups, and each product functions compatible with any of our available moisture meter models. 



The 1235 electrode penetrates 10in and works ideally for the moisture measurement of standard bales. You can easily attach the 1235 electrode to the connector found at the top of your Delmhorst moisture meters. 

831 Short Pin Prod


Our 831 Short Pin Prod allows you to measure moisture efficiently throughout the  windrow to determine the hay’s readiness for baling.  You will need to attach a specialized H-4 handle to the multi-pin prod before using it in the field. Pin prods work best when the loose hay is gathered in a pile on the ground, in a bucket, and also when testing stem moisture.  

830 Series 


Delmhorst's original 830 series of electrodes, available in three lengths, helps you optimize the moisture measurements of standard density and high-density bales. Like the 831 models, you will need to attach an H-4 handle before application. 

Delmhorst Instrument — Providing Quality Moisture Meters for All Use Cases


Delmhorst Instrument specializes in manufacturing moisture meters for industries and applications ranging from hay production to lumber and more. We have provided leading solutions to professionals for over 75 years, accruing the industry expertise and customer feedback that helps us shape the highest quality in moisture meters. 

We research and improve our offering of moisture meters based on the latest engineering technology, providing end-users and distributors with effective and practical designs for efficient control over moisture content. 

The next article in our series looks at how professionals in the hay industry can make the most out of their quality moisture meters to raise their facilities' operational efficiency and production.  

Contact Delmhorst to learn more about the importance of moisture meters and discover the most suitable model for your specific hay needs.

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