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How to Determine Mold Risks with Moisture Meters

Most home and business owners prefer not to have mold growing in their buildings. But, very few actively check for mold until it is too late, and the mold has started to actively exhibit its most common symptoms: musty odors and discoloration of building materials. Why ... Read More

How to Control Moisture Content in Hay Bales

As any experienced hay producer knows, the moisture content (%MC) of hay needs to be strictly controlled. With too little moisture, hay becomes brittle, loses nutritional value, and is unpalatable for livestock. With too much moisture, hay can spoil while baled hay can ... Read More

6 Mistakes That Lead to Bad Moisture Testing

There are many people who need to conduct moisture testing for a variety of reasons. For example, farmers use soil moisture meters to check the available moisture of their soil to manage their irrigation (helping to improve crop yield and quality). Water damage ... Read More

How to Measure Moisture in Drywall

In a moisture-compromised structure, drywall is especially susceptible to damage from exposure to moisture. This is because gypsum, the material drywall is made of, is very sensitive to moisture. Drywall that has been allowed to get too wet can experience numerous ... Read More

How to Minimize Soil Moisture Loss During Winter

It’s easy for the layman to forget about issues such as maintaining soil moisture in the winter, as many crops are harvested before the winter begins. However, agriculture specialists know that maintaining the moisture content of their soil at a healthy level ... Read More

Top 5 Moisture Meters of the Year

With the passing of the old year and the start of the new, now is the perfect time for reflecting on the events of the last 12 months. Since Delmhorst is a moisture meter company, it might be a good idea for us to reflect on the moisture meters we make, and create a ... Read More

What Moisture Meter Works Best for Winter Restoration

Cold winter temperatures can have an adverse effect on some moisture meters during the winter. Usually, though, the impact of cold temperatures on a moisture meter’s readings are minimal—unless those temperatures are in the freezing zone. This is because high or low ... Read More

Why You’ll Love the BD-10 Pin Moisture Meter

Many modern moisture meters use digital displays and have a wide variety of special features meant to make them more versatile as moisture testing tools. However, not every user needs or favors digital moisture meters. Some users prefer an analog moisture meter design ... Read More

Broken Moisture Meter Here's How to Fix That

Professionals in a variety of industries use moisture meters for many different reasons. While many moisture meters are designed to be rugged, any tool may break when put under stress. If you have a broken moisture meter, one of the first things you’ll probably want to ... Read More

How to Use the TotalCheck Moisture Meter to Save Time and Money

For many moisture meter users, time is of the essence. Restoration professionals need to know where hidden moisture lies in a structure as soon as possible to minimize or prevent water damage. Lumber manufacturers need to know if all of the wood they’re processing is ... Read More