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Practical Uses For Moisture Meters For Quality Improvement in Wood Manufacturing RX # 3

Rx #3:  MEASURING MC WHEN UNLOADING A KILN Over the recent past decades, the processors and users of kiln dried (KD) lumber have become more and more conscious of the importance of achieving the correct final moisture content (MC).  The users appreciate that incorrect ... Read More

Practical Uses For Moisture Meters For Quality Improvement in Wood Manufacturing RX # 2

Rx #2: SELECTING KILN SAMPLES KILN DRYING BASICS For kiln drying all hardwood, and some softwood, the basic kiln operation process is  Read More

Practical Uses for Moisture Meters for Quality Improvement in Wood Manufacturing

Rx #1:  MOISTURE & WOOD INTERACTION WHY MC? Why do wood people worry so much about MC?  In my 50 years in this wood manufacturing industry, I estimate that 75% of the manufacturing problems with wood are related to incorrect pr changing moisture content (MC).  If ... Read More

Moisture Meters: An Essential Tool in the Hardwood Flooring Industry

This opening article in our in-depth series explores the unique moisture meter needs within the hardwood flooring industry. We will look at the various stages of hardwood flooring and why installers need to maintain optimal moisture levels throughout a project.  Read More

Moisture Meters and Product Support for the Hay Industry

Hay producers require quality moisture meters to help maintain optimal moisture levels throughout each stage of production. Our case study highlights the challenges an end-user faces within the hay industry and outlines how we provide quality solutions to meet our ... Read More


When you’re installing hardwood floors as part of a DIY home renovation project, odds are you want to make sure that the hardwood you’re using is protected. After all, hardwood is a beautiful flooring material, and the highest-quality wood floors can be very expensive. Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Moisture Meter: A Guide for All of Your Hay Needs

The fourth article in our blog series follows from our previous piece that explored Delmhorst’s wide range of moisture meters for hay production and management purposes. Our last article narrowed down the features and advantages of various moisture meter models for ... Read More


When installing wood flooring, moisture is a constant concern. This is because wood is a hygroscopic material—it will gain or lose moisture until it reaches equilibrium with the surrounding air’s humidity and temperature. Read More

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Moisture Meter to Assist With Your Hay Needs

In the third part of our series, we dive deeper into how Delmhorst's specialized moisture meters can fulfill the requirements of the hay industry. Building on insights from the previous article about the fundamental benefits of implementing quality moisture meters, we ... Read More

The Benefits of High-Quality Moisture Meters for Hay Producers

This second installment of our industry series highlights the specific benefits of quality moisture meters for hay producers. Moisture content (MC) regulation in hay is critical for quality as well as safety, and the most experienced farmers never rely on guesswork to ... Read More