First-Class Technical Support Allows Denver Hardwood to Impress Clients

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Oct 11, 2022 8:01:29 AM

Denver Hardwood Company is a trusted supplier to professionals in the hardwood flooring industry and an architectural and interior design consultant. The company provides a range of services for both commercial and residential flooring projects, plus plenty of helpful online resources. Shawn Carrier manages the ProShop, Denver Hardwood’s specialist tool division. The ProShop provides repairs for worn-out or damaged equipment, helps tradespeople find replacements where necessary, and also talks professionals through upgrading their existing equipment. 

The Need

The team at the ProShop has over 50 years of combined experience and a reputation for helping their customers choose the right tool. With so many tools on the market, Shawn and his colleagues prioritize keeping current with the newest additions, particularly high-tech choices like moisture meters. Shawn recently noted that a considerable amount of misinformation is circulating about moisture meters. He pointed out that many clients don’t understand equalization, and that simply hitting the right moisture content in hardwood flooring doesn’t always fix the issue. There are other factors to consider that a moisture meter can help with. To properly advise customers on how to measure moisture content and use that information to make jobs more cost-effective and efficient, he and his colleagues needed to be fully trained on using the devices.

The Solution

Because Shawn works with Delmhorst Instrument as a provider of high-quality moisture meters, he has access to a complete range of technical support, digital resources, and in-person training. Among the many benefits of this extensive support, Shawn particularly appreciates when members of the Delmhorst team make on-site visits to demonstrate how to use the devices to better measure moisture content in hardwood flooring. Beyond that, Delmhorst experts will also speak directly to Shawn’s clients in the hardwood flooring industry, answering queries to ensure better and more long-lasting customer relationships.

The Impact

As well as naturally boosting the customer experience, Shawn notes that because of the excellent support from Delmhorst, Denver Hardwood’s sales have gone up. Shawn is also delighted to report that claims due to issues like wood shrinkage have dropped because clients better understand the relationship between moisture content and wood.

Shawn and his team continue to be impressed with the care and respect that Delmhorst brings to their relatiosnhip, citing their consistency in explaining things thoroughly and making sure they provide comprehensive training and resources.

If you’d like to know how high-quality, accurate moisture meters plus the right training and resources could optimize your business, contact Delmhorst for more information. 

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