How Moisture Meter Technology Benefits the Water Damage Restoration Industry

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Jun 12, 2023 10:06:47 AM

This is the second in our series of articles highlighting the high value that Delmhorst’s modernized moisture meters bring to almost every industry that tracks moisture content in its materials and products. In this piece, we’re looking at the water damage restoration industry and discussing how technological advances in our devices add extra assurances that water and moisture abatement processes are complete and permanent. 


Moisture intrusions cause billions of dollars in damage every year. Wet weather, storms, flooding, and leaking or burst pipes can inundate buildings with thousands of gallons of bacteria-laden water. Those contaminants can cause serious health issues and compromise the safety and integrity of the structure if they aren't dealt with appropriately. Even excessive humidity can cause problems if it prevents systems from drying out quickly and thoroughly to avoid generating the growth of mold or mildew. 

Undiscovered moisture that is left in place for any length of time generates health and safety risks. Mold and mildew are quick to grow in crevasses, seams, and corners, usually in dark areas where the growths can’t be seen or are hard to spot. The spores emitted by those fungi can cause significant health issues, especially in people with compromised lungs, such as asthmatics.

Unwanted moisture can have a negative impact on the building itself, too. It can cause wallpaper and paint to peel, trigger rotting in wood furnishings and floors, and even damage brickwork, joists, and studs. Left unattended, the contaminated construction materials can fail, leaving damage that can render the whole building unsafe for use.


Water restoration professionals are often called in immediately to begin the ‘moisture abatement’ process. It is only after they can prove that all excess wetness and moisture have been removed that any structure can be deemed safe and healthy again. Even a tiny area of moisture left behind can be the beginning of a whole new swell of bacterial invasion. The challenge for these professionals is to ensure the removal of the entire threat of unwanted moisture. Restorers use moisture meters specifically designed for the water damage restoration industry to assess moisture content and confirm its removal. 

Delmhorst has modernized its moisture meters with technological advances to give these restoration professionals the specific services they need to find and eliminate any particular moisture concern: 

  • The ‘scan mode,’ for example, is used in large areas to locate where water or moisture is present or is still coming in.
  • Combination settings facilitate moisture detection and data readings from a variety of materials, which significantly enhances the versatility of the device.
  • Moisture meters are also invaluable for helping to identify the precise location of where the leak or intrusion began. Very often, it's difficult to find where the water first entered the building. In some cases, however, finding and repairing this failure point speeds up the restoration process, saving money in the process.
  • Access to both pinless and pin moisture meters accommodates a broader range of restoration needs. In many restoration projects, contractors use pinless meters to scan larger areas for a more general view of the extent of the problem, while also using pin meters to obtain more precise readings in particular areas.

The Delmhorst BDX-20 and BDX-30 moisture meters for restoration are essential tools for any contractor or water damage remediation professional involved in restoring or renovating buildings that have suffered extensive moisture damage.  


Rugged and reliable, these building trade pin meters are ergonomically designed with a comfortable handle, large tactile buttons for ease of use, and a convenient, sturdy carrying case for equally easy portability. Two AA batteries are all it takes to power either device, and they come with a two-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

However, it is the functionality that makes these two moisture meters so popular with restoration techs. Both meters offer valuable features to the technician:

  • A large, custom backlit display, making reading easy even in low light.
  • Scales for wood and drywall, and a 0-100 reference scale 
  • Wood temperature correction in °F and °C.
  • Corrections for insulated and non-insulated pins or electrodes. 
  • On-screen data, including High, Low, Average, and Standard Deviation. 
  • Color coded LEDs and alarm threshold.
  • Compatible with your existing Delmhorst electrodes.

The BDX-30 adds the enhanced functionality of the EDGE™ app, Delmhorst’s proprietary digital application that connects wirelessly to transmit recorded data to spreadsheets and email programs. The app offers meter customization; it also stores historical information, as well as additional selection of wood species, so you can find the information you need for any project conveniently at hand, regardless of where you are at that moment. 

Water damage can happen at any time. Reach out to Delmhorst today to explore more about how the BDX-20 and BDX-30 can enhance your next building restoration venture. Keep your eye on this blog – next time, we’re discussing how moisture meters improve the agricultural capacities of hay and cotton producers. 

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