Success Via Moisture Meter Accuracy: Parker Construction and Delmhorst Instrument Co.

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Dec 6, 2022 1:21:59 PM

Over the last few articles exploring moisture meters for water damage restoration, we’ve considered how accurate, reliable devices can improve efficiency and outcomes for professionals in the industry. Now it’s time to look at a real-life situation where Delmhorst’s meters made a significant, positive impact on the success of Washington-based water damage mitigation specialists, Parker Construction.


Client Profile
Parker Olsen is the President of Parker Construction, a water damage mitigation organization based in Washington State. Parker Construction specializes in residential water damage restoration, primarily homes affected by floods or leaks that people need access to as quickly as possible. The company holds numerous industry certifications and prides itself on having more specialized training certifications than most competitors in the area. Their services run from initial mitigation to full water damage restoration.

The Need

A primary need within the water damage restoration industry is moisture measurement accuracy. Parker told us that one of the major problems he comes across while working on residential water damage mitigation is the massive variation in the materials that his team has to measure. These include drywall, different flooring types, different wood species, and even different forms of wood. OSB particle board is, for example, very different from solid wood in terms of how much moisture it absorbs and when it’s considered at a nominal moisture level content. Getting accurate readings for all these different materials is essential but challenging.

The Solution

In his search for accurate moisture meters for water damage restoration, Parker discovered the Navigator™ range from Delmhorst Instrument Co. These moisture meters have unmatched reliability. Most importantly for Parker Construction, 37 different wood species and materials are pre-set when using the moisture meter with the compatible Edge™ app. With Navigator™ meters, there is no need to manually adjust the settings for each material — Parker and his team can simply choose the relevant material and know that the device will provide accurate measurements every time.

The Impact

Accuracy has been the key to Parker Construction’s success. By having access to these finely calibrated material settings, professionals working on a project get a more accurate dry standard, allowing them to be more efficient in their processes of drying out structures. Parker even cross-checked the readings from one Delmhorst meter to another, and they gave the same, highly precise readings. This was a startling difference from other brands of moisture meters Parker had tried where, even with two identical meters, they could show a 10% variation in a material’s readings. This never happened with the Delmhorst tools.

Another benefit he notes is that the Delmhorst meters rarely need calibrating, a contributing factor in their success as a tool for water damage restoration professionals.

By getting consistently accurate readings, Parker Construction could speak more intelligently on the drying processes taking place in the structure, including providing correct expectations for each material. Parker says, “I think [it] gave us a more professional appearance to our clients, whether that was a homeowner or an adjuster that we’re working with; just being able to speak more intelligently on [the project], having better readings than we did before.”

Parker also notes that the moisture meters from Delmhorst are very durable, which makes them a great investment for anyone working in water damage mitigation.

Interested in bringing this level of precision and efficiency to your projects? Contact Delmhorst for more information on reliable, accurate, and durable moisture meters for the water damage restoration industry.

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