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Different Kinds of Lumber Moisture Meters for Industrial & Mill Use

Mills and dry kilns deal with lumber every day, taking raw lumber and processing it into useable material for flooring, furniture, and dozens of other uses. For these industrial facilities, controlling moisture in lumber is a critical task, one that directly influences ... Read More

What Types of Woodworking Moisture Meters Work Best in the Cold?

With the new year comes a new winter season and the cold temperatures that come with. For many woodworking specialists, the arrival of snow, sleet, and rain doesn’t stop new jobs from coming in. Read More

Ideal Jobs for Pinless Moisture Meters

Pinless moisture meters are a valuable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With these meters, you can quickly take moisture readings in various building materials without leaving pinholes from pin-type meters. Read More

Protecting Your Woodworking Moisture Meter from the Cold

If you’re working on household DIY projects in the winter, and especially in the colder northern states, then you might be familiar with the way that extreme cold can affect sensitive materials. Read More

What is Moisture Gradient, and How Can You Measure it?

For many moisture measuring applications, simply knowing the highest moisture content of a given material is enough to help guide your decisions. An example of this would be when testing drywall in restoration work. Here, if the moisture content is high, then the ... Read More

Moisture Acclimation of Wood in Different Parts of the Country

As most of us know, wood is an environmentally vulnerable material; it can expand and contract dependent on the environmental conditions, indoors and outdoors. Wood is a hygroscopic material which means that it attracts and holds moisture from its environment changing, ... Read More

How to Measure Moisture in Paper/Wood Pulp

Have you ever wondered how much paper we recycle as Americans? The answer is half. Read More

How to Check Lumber Acclimation with Moisture Meters

If you’re in the process of a hardwood floor installation or a simple wood trim and casework, then you’re likely already aware of the importance of letting the wood product get adjusted to the environment before you begin anything. You see, wood is a complex, ... Read More

Ensure Proper Moisture Readings with Species Corrections

Like many other natural materials, wood has several species that are used in construction or restoration projects. In the process of revitalizing a structure or building a new one from the ground up, it’s important to take into account the species of the wood. ... Read More

4 Tips for Picking the Right Moisture Meter Electrode for the Job

For testing the distribution of moisture in lumber and other building materials, few tools are as effective as pin-type moisture meters. These handy little devices can detect moisture with incredible precision and accuracy very quickly. Read More