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Why Moisture Meters Are A Woodworker's Best Investment

A high-quality, accurate moisture meter is an incredibly useful tool for craftsmen that frequently work with wood. In many ways, moisture meters can be a craftsman’s best investment. Read More

3 Reasons a Moisture Meter is Essential for Wood Hobbyists

Picture the following scenario: You’ve spent weeks assembling a new wood chair for your house. Every day, you’ve carefully measured, cut, and shaped each piece of lumber into the perfect piece of furniture for your living room or deck. Read More

I’m a Hobbyist. Do I NEED a Moisture Meter for My Wood?

One question that a lot of hobbyists and craftsmen have about moisture meters is whether or not they really need one for their wood. Buying a moisture meter can be expensive, especially if you’re getting one of the top-of-the line models that a professional might use. Read More

The Importance of Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) in Woodworking

Equilibrium Moisture Content (or EMC for short) is a term that is closely linked to the woodworking industry. Simply put, equilibrium moisture content is the point where hygroscopic materials such as wood stop absorbing or dispersing moisture because they have reached ... Read More

Top 3 Professional-Grade Flooring Wood Moisture Meters

In a recent post, we talked about some of the best flooring moisture meters for DIY enthusiasts. But, what about those who need to use moisture meters for professional work? Read More

Different Kinds of Lumber Moisture Meters for Industrial & Mill Use

Mills and dry kilns deal with lumber every day, taking raw lumber and processing it into useable material for flooring, furniture, and dozens of other uses. For these industrial facilities, controlling moisture in lumber is a critical task, one that directly influences ... Read More

What Types of Woodworking Moisture Meters Work Best in the Cold?

With the new year comes a new winter season and the cold temperatures that come with. For many woodworking specialists, the arrival of snow, sleet, and rain doesn’t stop new jobs from coming in. Read More

Ideal Jobs for Pinless Moisture Meters

Pinless moisture meters are a valuable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With these meters, you can quickly take moisture readings in various building materials without leaving pinholes from pin-type meters. Read More

Protecting Your Woodworking Moisture Meter from the Cold

If you’re working on household DIY projects in the winter, and especially in the colder northern states, then you might be familiar with the way that extreme cold can affect sensitive materials. Read More

What is Moisture Gradient, and How Can You Measure it?

For many moisture measuring applications, simply knowing the highest moisture content of a given material is enough to help guide your decisions. An example of this would be when testing drywall in restoration work. Here, if the moisture content is high, then the ... Read More