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Moisture Meter Tips for Building Inspectors

When performing a building inspection, whether for the sale of a building, a rental, homeowner’s insurance purposes, or any other situation that calls for such a check, it is important that any potential water damage risks are properly identified so they can be ... Read More

Are You Prepared for Winter Moisture Intrusion?

Every winter, homes throughout America are exposed to prolonged periods of intense cold. Last winter saw an unusually long and intense chill sweep through the nation, lowering temperatures to levels far below what was typical of the winter season throughout most of the ... Read More

5 Ways Moisture Meters Aid Building Inspectors

When checking the integrity of any structure, building inspectors have a variety of tools that they need in order to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. One of the most critical tools of the building inspector, however, is one that many people might not think ... Read More

How Moisture Meters Help Find a Pest Infestation

The information provided by moisture meter readings can reveal much about the unseen state of a home. Home inspectors can use readings of a material’s moisture content to identify areas at risk for a range of other adverse issues, such as mold, bacteria and pest ... Read More

Build Confidence in Your Home with Moisture Meters

Moisture meters are highly effective tools used to inform homeowners of moisture concentrations and water-affected areas in their homes. With this highly precise information, homeowners can make confident renovation and repair decisions to deal with moisture content. Read More

How Moisture Meters Improve a Home Inspector’s Work

  Home inspectors know the value of a high quality, accurate inspection, and how great results lead to improved business. This is why many professional home inspectors have adopted moisture meter technology in their inspections. With their unmatched accuracy, thorough ... Read More