How Moisture Meters can save You Money

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Mar 9, 2015 2:23:00 PM

Did you know that using moisture meters on the job can save you money? find out how!Moisture meters are an integral part of doing business for many professionals. From insurance adjusters, to flooring or furniture specialists, to restoration experts, moisture meters are a vital tool. In fact, many of these professionals use moisture meters not only to do the job, but to save money while they’re at it.

How do these professionals save money by using moisture meters? To help you answer this question, we’ve assembled a list of the ways that professionals in different industries can save money by using moisture meters.

Labor Savings with Moisture Meters

There are a great many ways to test moisture in various materials. However, few testing methods combine reliability and speed as well as a moisture meter does.

For example, when testing the moisture content of hay, hay growers can use a test method called the oven dry test, where a sample of hay is weighed, placed in an oven to be dried out over the course of several hours, and then weighed again, a process that repeats until the hay no longer changes weight. The problem here is that, while highly accurate, this process takes hours, which is time that could be dedicated to other tasks.

With a moisture meter, that farmer has the moisture reading results of a hay sample in mere moments, not hours. Not only does this save labor time during a harvest, it also allows for a quantitative assessment of the hay to be completed before a change in the weather (such as rain) invalidates the results of the test.

For contractors handling the installation of hardwood flooring, moisture meters are a great way to prevent callbacks. When moisture is left in wood flooring materials, it can cause problems such as cupping or warping. These problems typically result in a callback, where the contractor (you) has to check the problem and correct it.

This can mean dozens of hours of labor as workers tear up the old flooring and replace it… which brings us to the next way that moisture meters can save you money…

Materials Saved with Moisture Meters

Beyond the cost of labor that goes into a callback job, there is also the cost of the materials consumed when re-doing that installation. In many cases, the old flooring that was previously installed is ruined during the process of removing it, or even simply by the damage caused by the moisture that led to the callback in the first place.

When the previous material is ruined, that material will have to be replaced, effectively doubling the material cost for the installation.

By testing flooring for moisture content prior to the installation, and verifying that the subfloor does not possess excess moisture as well, you can prevent the callback and make sure that expensive hardwood flooring will not be plagued with moisture problems after the initial installation.

Another example of how moisture meters can save money is found in the furniture industry. When furniture manufacturers work with wood and other moisture-susceptible materials, they use moisture meters to test their materials to check for potential problems and ensure proper acclimation.

Different parts of the U.S. have different standard RH levels. Acclimating wood before shipping helps to ensure that it won't warp severely at its final destination.When a manufacturer is getting ready to ship furniture or cabinets made from wood to the different regions of the U.S., it is important to make sure that the wood is properly acclimated for the region it is being shipped to. Since wood is a hygroscopic material, it will absorb or give-off moisture until it reaches equilibrium with its environment. If the moisture lost or gained is significant, it will cause the wood to deform, which is why manufacturers of wood furniture use moisture meters to make sure that their products are properly acclimated.

If not properly acclimated, and the product is ruined as a result, then the wood is essentially wasted for no return on the time and material needed to make the product.

Sales/Contracts Saved with Moisture Meters

Professionals work hard to maintain a highly positive public image for a good reason. With a great reputation, it is easier to close deals because clients/customers see your brand as a trusted resource.

Moisture meters help you maintain a positive reputation by allowing you to vet the moisture content of building materials before, during, and after a job.

One great example of this can be found in the restoration industry. Restoration professionals work with buildings that have been damaged by any number of potential disasters, including flooding. Using moisture meters, restoration professionals can establish the effectiveness of their dry-out procedures, and identify potential sources of moisture intrusion that may cause further problems later on.

By remediating these problems the first time around, restoration professionals can ensure that the buildings they restore are not hit by other moisture problems such as mold growth later on, demonstrating thoroughness and reliability. This, in turn, builds a positive reputation that can help put potential clients at ease.

For another way in which moisture meter save contracts, let’s return to the earlier example of flooring installation callbacks. Not only does having to redo flooring installs deal a blow to a contractor’s reputation for quality and reliability, but the time that has to be spent fixing that job is time that could have been dedicated to another client.

Every time a contractor has to do a callback, another client’s installation is delayed. With each delay, there is the risk that the client will cancel, and contract someone else’s services. Not only is this money lost for the original contractor, this is money that is going directly into a competitor’s pocket.

By using moisture meters to get the job done right the first time, professionals can preserve their reputation and prevent delays that could end up costing them customers.

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