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How to Determine Mold Risks with Moisture Meters

Mold is everywhere. As a naturally occurring substance, it plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Uncontrolled mold, however, can present significant challenges if it grows where it's not wanted. It can cause allergic reactions or illnesses in people ... Read More

Monitoring Moisture Content in Wood Product Production

There should be no doubt that the moisture content (MC) of the wood used in manufacturing of furniture, cabinets, flooring, and so on is super critical for producing products that perform well in service. As stated in Rx #1, the MC of lumber, of parts, and of the final ... Read More

Top 5 Moisture Meters for Building Inspections

Today's building inspectors seek more than just compliance with building codes. They must also be alert for potential moisture concerns that might impair the quality of the construction. Sometimes, uncontrolled moisture levels are readily apparent, and evidence of them ... Read More

Why Flooring Installers and Inspectors Use Moisture Meters for Wood

Wood floors are highly valued by today's homeowners and buyers. As a natural accent, they add ageless beauty to virtually any decor style. To preserve that look over time, it's critically important to install the flooring correctly. Installation errors of any size or ... Read More

Case Study: Schneider Alfalfa Relies on Delmhorst Moisture Meters for High-Quality Hay Production

Product quality consistency is critical to the success of every company, but maintaining that consistency is an ever-present challenge for business owners and producers. In the hay industry, however, farmers who use Delmhorst's advanced line of moisture meters for hay ... Read More

Advanced Hay Moisture Control

This is our fifth article in a series of six discussing how you can ensure the quality of your hay product by monitoring its moisture content (%MC) from the windrow through baling, storage, and delivery. Read More

Four Critical Reasons to Measure Moisture Content in Hay

As agricultural best practices and technology evolve, it’s vital for hay producers to capitalize on opportunities to increase productivity while reducing the risk of loss. Here are four critical reasons for you to consider a Delmhorst moisture meter for hay to monitor ... Read More

Buying a Hay Moisture Meter: The Ultimate Checklist

You've got a lot of resources invested in your hay crop, so you're wise to do all you can to ensure it's of the highest quality for your buyer. Tracking the moisture content (MC) in your stock throughout the harvest, baling and storage cycles is essential. You need ... Read More

Moisture Measurement 101 with Delmhorst’s FX Moisture Meters

Hay continues to be a hot commodity as more markets embrace alfalfa and Timothy hay pellets as stock feed. The dairy and cattle industries look for hay with the highest possible nutritional value to ensure their end products meet their consumers' demand. Guaranteeing ... Read More

Mastering Hay Moisture Testing with Delmhorst's FX Range

Delmhorst's well-known meters for hay moisture testing ensure that producers can maximize their profits even in years when yields are down but prices are up. The company recently released its most current innovations for measuring moisture in hay, adding the FX-20 and ... Read More