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Thermo-Hygrometers are a Must for Water Damage

When a structure becomes compromised by moisture, whether that structure is commercial or residential, there is a risk for both damage to the building and harm to the occupants of that building. Water damage can weaken important structural supports, cause damage to a ... Read More

Installing and Using an In-Kiln Wood Monitoring System

As most woodworkers know, before lumber can be used for furniture or building materials, it needs to be properly dried and acclimatized. For most lumber producers, drying out wood so that it can be used means employing a large drying kiln to heat the wood and draw out ... Read More

Using a Moisture Meter for Soil

Farming is a tough job. Lots of people think you can just stick any old crop in the dirt and get results, but there are an enormous number of factors that can ruin the viability of a crop. Each and every crop has its own unique needs when it comes to nutrients in the ... Read More

4 Reasons to Use a Moisture Meter for Grain

For the average person who buys grain from the supermarket or grocery store, the only time they worry about the moisture content of their grain products is when they’re trying to cook it. For example, the boiling of rice. Read More

Benefits of the ProScan Pinless Moisture Meter

For as long as there have been woodworkers, flooring and general contractors, restoration specialists and other dedicated professionals, they have had to contend with the effects of moisture on their work. Before the invention of moisture meters, however, these ... Read More

3 Benefits of Using an All-in-One Moisture Meter for Wood

For woodworking projects, tracking the moisture content of the wood you’re using is a major concern. Whether you’re acclimating lumber for distribution elsewhere, or you’re installing wooden flooring in a newly-constructed building, you need the best wood moisture ... Read More

3 Unconventional Uses for Moisture Meters

Most people are familiar with the common uses for a moisture meter as a tool for construction workers and water damage restoration experts. However, there are more uses for these devices than just making sure that a concrete slab can meet ASTM F-2170 standards and ... Read More

4 Things to NEVER do to Your Moisture Meter

For many professionals, moisture meters are an indispensable tool. With these handy devices, contractors can better adhere to ASTM F-2170 standards, woodworkers can make sure that their lumber is properly acclimatized, and farmers can monitor soil conditions as well as ... Read More

The Best Way to Measure Moisture in Hay Bales

Before a hay bale can be ensiled or otherwise stored for later use, it needs to have the right moisture content. Too wet, and the hay may develop mold or even combust in the silo. Too dry, and the hay loses much of its nutritive value as feed for farm animals. For this ... Read More

8 Best Practices when Using Moisture Meters for Hay Production

When it comes to making top-quality hay, the most important tools for the job include: Read More