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How a Moisture Meter Knows Your Hay is Ready to Bale

When it comes to making a perfect hay bale, moisture is one of the most finicky and difficult to manage factors of the entire process. Farmers are up well before the crack of dawn, just to get a chance to maximize their hay yield by harvesting as soon as their hay hits ... Read More

5 Top Reasons to Spend Extra Cash on a High-Quality Moisture Meter

Every day, people are looking for the best price on their purchases. From basic necessities such as food and shelter to work tools, nobody wants to pay too much for what they need. Read More

8 Ways to Check Your Moisture Meter’s Accuracy

For professional woodworkers, contractors, farmers, restoration specialists and anyone else for whom monitoring the moisture content of what they’re working on is a factor, it is important to have an accurate, reliable moisture meter. But, how accurate is your moisture ... Read More

Moisture Meters: The Woodworker's Secret Weapon

When it comes to manufacturing a piece of wooden furniture or wood floorboards for a new house, there are any number of “secrets” to getting the job done perfectly. Sayings such as “measure twice, cut once” are popular (and often effective) pieces of advice that can ... Read More

7 Woodworking Nightmares Caused by Moisture

Professional woodworkers know that there are many risks attached to allowing moisture in wood to go unchecked for too long. In order to monitor their specific moisture-related risks in wood, these professionals use a number of moisture meters, such as pin-type and ... Read More

How Moisture Meters Help Find a Pest Infestation

The information provided by moisture meter readings can reveal much about the unseen state of a home. Home inspectors can use readings of a material’s moisture content to identify areas at risk for a range of other adverse issues, such as mold, bacteria and pest ... Read More

Is Your Moisture Meter Manufacturer Going Above and Beyond for You?

With so many moisture meter manufacturers in the market today, it is important for businesses, contractors and restoration specialists to get the most reliable and accurate meters available for their applications. Not only does instrument performance matter, ... Read More

How Moisture Meters can Build Your Restoration Reputation

Seasoned experts know the tools of the restoration trade, which includes accurate moisture meters. These compact, innovative devices can detect relative humidity and moisture content with pinpoint accuracy, and have been adopted by restoration experts across the globe ... Read More

Avoiding Worker Burnout for Increased Productivity

Lots of work with little vacation time can become a strain on anyone, from the person who loves their job to the worker who feels that they are just doing what they need to do to get by. Between the amount of stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits that can arise from ... Read More