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New BDX Series Moisture Meters and Delmhorst Edge™ App

Delmhorst introduces the new Navigator™ family of moisture meters with its initial launch, the BDX-20 and BDX-30 - the latest in the legacy “BD-series” pin meters. BD meters are known worldwide for their unmatched reliability and ease of use. They have been used for decades in the building trades, water damage restoration, and inspection applications. These exciting new meters are the result of a fully engineered program plan including a careful human factors review, and multiple usability studies.

Both the BDX-20 and BDX-30 are packaged in a robust and ergonomically designed ABS case (pat pending) to provide a premium, tactile feel, and intuitive user interface with dashboard-like display.

Together with the new Delmhorst EDGE™ app (BDX-30), users can customize meter settings and share MC data or graphs from any jobsite quickly and accurately.

The meters carry a two-year limited warranty and as with all our products, include Delmhorst’s legendary support.

Let the new BDX take you to the next level of pin moisture meters available for wood, drywall, masonry and most hygroscopic building materials.


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The HTX-30 all-purpose Thermo-Hygrometer is the latest product from the Delmhorst® Navigator® meter family. The hand-held HTX-30 has a quick response time, simple interface and provides useful statistics, making it the ideal tool for measuring air conditions in water damage restoration, building inspections, flooring installations and many other industrial and research applications.

The HTX-30 measures Temperature and Relative Humidity. The meter calculates Vapor Pressure, Dewpoint, and Mixing Ratio. Through Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, the HTX-30 can connect to the EDGE™ app and share saved readings for further analysis. The EDGE™ app gives users the option to add names to each location and designate them as a location/room or dehumidifier. Additionally, users will be able to add notes to individual readings, view and filter all readings, and export readings to a CSV file. The HTX-30 makes the most challenging projects easier, less costly, and more efficient.

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We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale. Our U.S.-based customer support is unparallelled in the industry.

We also support the efforts of our dealer network by training distributors in the use of our product and helping them identify the right moisture testing products for their needs.

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“The accuracy and reliability of Delmhorst’s meters has helped us serve our customers for over 30 years. By taking suggestion from the field, they’ve added features that help us do high-quality work on every job.”

- Craig L., San Diego, CA

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"I have some of Delmhorst's moisture meters, GREAT product, they are the gold standard that we compare all others to."

- Bill Elliott, Calgary, AB

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"Thanks for the download and your personal comments - Really, really good customer service - Recently purchased a B2100 - Fantastic instrument - So much better than what I was using - I am a Home Inspector and general contractor for new homes"

- Jason Hanes, Dickinson, TX

- Rob Lyon, Hicksville, NY image

"I have been using your products with my own company back in Pennsylvania and now I'm using them here in NYC with a restoration contractor in Hicksville, Long Island. Thanks again for making the BEST meters!"

- Rob Lyon, Hicksville, NY