4 Reasons Why Universal Moisture Probe Connectors are a MUST

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Oct 16, 2014 9:46:00 AM

Many Delmhorst Meters sport a universal probe socket, including many analog-style meters.Here on the Delmhorst blog, we talk about moisture meters a lot. Topics such as how to choose the right moisture meter for the job, how moisture meters work, and why professionals use moisture meters are common themes on this site. However, there is one moisture meter related topic that we haven’t talked about nearly enough: the optional moisture probes.

Many Delmhorst moisture meters come with a universal moisture probe connector to allow them to attach any Delmhorst moisture probe and use that to take a measurement. The reasons to make moisture probe connectors universal are numerous, so here are a few of our favorite reasons that universal probe sockets are a must for any manufacturer’s products.

Reason #1: Convenience

First and foremost, making optional attachments such as extra moisture probes so that they have a universal socket design is convenient for the end user. Instead of having to waste time hunting down extra adaptors or hold onto the one moisture meter that can take a specific probe, users can use any Delmhorst probe with any Delmhorst meter that has a connector.

This convenience is one of the best reasons to use moisture meters and probes from a manufacturer that offers universal probe connectors on their devices.

Reason #2: Flexibility

Optional probes such as this six-pin probe are great for hay.In addition to being convenient, the ability to take different types of optional moisture probes makes each moisture meter with a universal connector more flexible. For example, say that you need to take measurements in drywall and behind the trim at the base of the wall. For the drywall, you could attach a drywall probe such as the 2-E, and then you could replace it with a probe that has flat blades (such as the 19-E/STC probe) to get under the trim.

The ability to freely swap between different optional probes makes your moisture meters able to tackle more tasks more easily. In short, using optional probes means not having to lug around several different types of moisture meters.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that the moisture meter will still provide readings based on the scale it was programmed for. Because of this, even with a universal probe socket, it is still better to use a moisture meter designed for hay when using hay probes to get the most accurate %MC results.

Reason #3: Ease of Replacement

With universal probe connectors, replacing your moisture meter with a newer model doesn’t have to mean discarding all of your old probes so long as that meter still has a universal probe socket. Conversely, when you want to replace your existing optional probes with our newest models, having a universal probe connectors on your moisture meter makes acquiring the new probes virtually worry-free.

Sometimes, moisture meter probes break. Even the best-constructed probes can be damaged by being dropped from too high or other common workplace accidents. If the probe is an “integrated” model, where it is a permanent part of a purpose-built meter, then you’ll have to replace the whole meter to get a new one. With a modular, universal socket design, you only have to replace the probe, which is much less expensive.

Reason #4: It Makes Meters Easier to Use for Newbies

When you have a newbie on the team, there's enough for them to have to learn that which probes go to which meters shouldn't have to be one of them. When you have a new team member on the job, the less time you have to spend explaining how to use the tools of the trade to them, the better. With a universal moisture probe connector, you can let new workers hit the ground running. Instead of having to explain which probes go to which meters, you can use universal probe connectors to make it easy on the new worker.

Not having to worry about finding the right type of probe with the right type of connector makes things much easier for a new employee trying to learn the ropes.

An Important Note:

Naturally, only Delmhorst universal probe connectors will fit all Delmhorst probes. A meter or probe from another manufacturer won’t be compatible with the Delmhorst universal probe connectors.

Find out how you can get moisture meters with Delmhorst’s universal probe connectors today!

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