Should You Repair or Replace Your Moisture Meter?

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Dec 24, 2015 10:56:00 AM

If you checked your moisture meter for accuracy and found it wasn't working, should you repair or replace it?Moisture meters can be powerful tools for contractors to use on the job. These rugged devices enable the collection of moisture content readings from various building materials, giving contractors an idea of whether or not said materials are at risk for moisture damage.

From the flooring installer making sure that wooden floors won’t buckle or warp to the restoration expert making sure that dry-out operations are proceeding on schedule, moisture meters are indispensable for contractors.

However, like any tool, a moisture meter can get damaged by:

  • Accidental impacts
  • Exposure to corrosive chemicals
  • Wear and tear from daily use

If a moisture meter becomes damaged, it can lose accuracy, returning reading results that are not reliable. When this happens, moisture meter owners generally have one of two choices:

  1. Repair the meter
  2. Replace the meter

Which choice is the right one for you? The answer depends on a few factors, such as how the meter was damaged, and how soon you need to have a functioning device.

You Should Replace a Meter if:

You may want to replace your moisture meter if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • You Need a Moisture Meter for an Upcoming Job. Sending in a meter for repairs takes time. If you need a meter for a job starting in the next few days, purchasing a replacement might be your best option.
  • You Were Looking to Upgrade Anyway. If you were thinking about upgrading to a new device with better functionality already, you may want to consider making the upgrade sooner rather than later if your current moisture meter stops working.
  • The Cost of Repairs Would Be Too High. Some types of damage are more expensive to repair than others. In some cases, the amount of materials and labor required to restore a moisture meter to working condition might cost more than simply buying a replacement meter of similar quality.
  • Parts for That Model of Moisture Meter Are No Longer Available. Sometimes, a moisture meter manufacturer might no longer support a specific model of moisture meter. In such a case, it is possible that the parts for that older model of moisture meter might be discontinued, making them very difficult and expensive to acquire.

If one of the above conditions applies, you may want to replace your meter instead of sending it in for repair. If several of the above conditions apply, then replacing your meter is going to be your best option.

So, when would you want to send in a meter for repairs rather than replacing it?

You May Want to Repair Your Meter if:

  • The Meter is Still Under Warranty. If your meter is still under warranty, sending it in for repair is typically the preferred option. Even if the meter cannot be repaired, many manufacturers will replace a meter under warranty for you, so you’ll still get a functioning unit back.
  • Time is Not a Factor. If you don’t have any other moisture-sensitive jobs coming up, or you have other moisture meters that you can use in the meantime, you may want to repair your meter if possible.
  • Repairing the Meter Will Be Less Expensive Than Replacing it. In many cases, a “broken” moisture meter only has a very minor fault keeping it from working correctly. In such a case, a simple, inexpensive fix will resolve the problem and allow the meter to resume normal use for much less than the cost of a replacement.
  • You Like the Functionality of the Meter You Have. Many users of moisture meters are most comfortable with a familiar device. If you like the operation method and functions of the meter you’re using, you may want to repair it so that you know that the meter you get back will work the same as the meter you sent in.

In most cases, you’ll probably want to send in your meter for repair rather than going out and paying for a whole new meter.

However, there’s another factor that can influence your decision to repair or replace your moisture meter: the manufacturer of your meter.

The Importance of Your Moisture Meter’s Manufacturer in Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace

Your moisture meter’s manufacturer can play a big role in whether you decide to repair or replace your moisture meter. Different manufacturers will have different warranty polices, turnaround times for repairs, and even different policies for notifying the customer about the cost of repairs/replacements.

For example, at Delmhorst, when you send in a moisture meter for repairs, we’ll contact you and let you know if the repairs for your meter are expected to be more expensive than simply replacing it. This way, you don’t lose anything by sending in your meter for repair.

Delmhorst also offers a 1-year warranty for moisture meters that cover many different causes for failure. Better yet, Delmhorst has a strong record of going above and beyond to support customers who need help with their moisture meters.

Ultimately, repairing or replacing a broken moisture meter is your choice. Hopefully, this post helps you make the best choice to fit your needs.

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