Increase the Lifespan of Your Moisture Meter with Replaceable Tips

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Sep 29, 2016 10:00:00 AM

J-2000 moisture meterPin-type moisture meters are an indispensable tool for professionals who have to deal with moisture on a daily basis. These tools are a proven way to rapidly detect the %MC of wood and many other building materials.

Skilled users can even use pin-type moisture meters to determine the distribution of moisture in wooden boards for kiln drying, or to assess the risk of mold growth in restoration work.

While these tools are built for ruggedness in a variety of working environments, there is one issue that can severely impact their performance: the condition of the contact pins used to insert into the material being tested

Damage to the tips of the pins can affect reading accuracy and reading depth. Worse yet, if the pins break off, then the meter won’t be able to take readings at all. This is a serious problem for cheap meters that have permanent, non-replaceable pins because it limits the lifespan of the meter to however long the pins remain undamaged.

However, there’s a better option:

Increasing Meter Longevity with Replaceable Contact Pins

Many high-quality moisture meters use removable contact pins in their design. By making the pins removable, these moisture meters become much easier to maintain in top working condition for much longer.

If the pins are damaged by an accident, chemical exposure, or routine wear and tear from prolonged use, they can be removed and replaced with a new set; without having to pay for an entire meter or sending it to the manufacturer for repairs.

Of all the components on a pin-type meter, it’s the pins that usually see the most abuse from physical force when being pushed into building materials. This means that the pins often have a much smaller lifespan than the rest of the meter.

Being able to replace just the pins can greatly extend the useful life of a meter. Better yet, say the pins on a meter snap in half on the job. With replaceable pin tips, you can swap the broken pins out and be back to work in mere minutes.

Increasing Meter Utility with Replaceable Pins

Aside from making moisture meters longer-lasting, using replaceable pins can also increase the utility of moisture meters.

For example, sometimes, you might need to know the exact moisture content of a material at a specific depth. Here, using insulated pins can help ensure that the reading you get is only for the moisture between the very tips of the pins.

Or, say you need to take a deeper reading than normal.By removing the standard pins and replacing them with longer ones, you can ensure accuracy and a greater reading depth.

By removing the standard pins and replacing them with specialty pins, you can make your pin-type moisture meter a more flexible tool for measuring moisture in different situations.

Overall, replaceable pins help make pin-type moisture meters a higher-quality, more useful, and longer-lasting tool, which is why Delmhorst’s moisture meters use replaceable pins.

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