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How to Use Pinless Moisture Meters for Finding Leaks

For plumbers, restoration professionals, and even home or business owners, locating leaks quickly is essential. When moisture intrusion in a structure is allowed to continue unabated, it can lead to various structural problems and health hazards, such as: Read More

4 Ways Moisture Meter Electrodes Make Your Life Easier

When using moisture meters to trace moisture throughout various materials, it can definitely help to have a fewspecialty moisture meter electrodes on hand. How do moisture meter electrodes make life easier for you? The answer depends on how you use meter electrodes and ... Read More

How to Choose the Best Flooring Moisture Meter Manufacturer

Flooring companies need to have access to a steady stream of reliable moisture meters for their floor installation jobs—not to mention spare parts and accessories for said moisture meters. These moisture testing devices need to be rugged, reliable, and accurate. Part ... Read More

How to Choose the Best Moisture Meter Electrodes for Restoration Work

For many restoration projects, moisture meters can be indispensable for fast and effective dry-out/tear-out work. However, the pins on a pin-type meter (or the scanning plate of a pinless meter) cannot always readily reach where a restoration expert needs them to. In ... Read More

How to Use the Best Moisture Meter for Your In-Kiln Monitoring System

For lumber manufacturers, drying lumber in the kiln is an everyday process—yet one that can be maddeningly difficult to get just right. Being able to monitor the shell and core moisture of lumber boards inside the kiln is crucial for being able to better optimize your ... Read More

4 Tips to Ensure the Best Moisture Content Measurements

When checking moisture content (%MC) in any material, whether it is wood, drywall, hay, grain, soil, paper, tobacco, or anything else, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the most accurate moisture content value possible. Read More

How to Make Species Corrections with Grain Moisture Meters

Grain moisture meters are an invaluable tool for helping farmers optimize their grain harvesting and storage practices. With a handheld grain moisture tester, a farmer can check the moisture content (%MC) of grain right before harvesting it to ensure that they’re ... Read More

The Best Times to Use Pin or Pinless Moisture Meters

There are many situations where it may be necessary to test the moisture content (%MC) of something. And, when it comes to directly testing the moisture content of materials, there are two primary options—pin moisture meters and pinless moisture meters. Read More

3 Best RH Meters You Need to Carry as a Distributor

Recently, we released an article explaining some of the reasons that distributors should carry thermo-hygrometers (a.k.a. RH meters) for their customers—reasons such as ASTM F-2170 testing, helping to improve restoration work, optimizing lumber production efforts, and ... Read More

Top 3 Best Moisture Meters You Need for Lumber Distributors

For lumber distributors, being able to ensure that the raw or processed lumber products that they sell can meet consistent standards of quality is a must. Because of how much moisture impacts the overall quality of lumber, lumber distributors need to have a reliable ... Read More