Delmhorst: Your Trusted Partner for Precision Lumber Moisture Control

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Apr 29, 2024 12:23:28 PM

The Company: McClain Forest Products, LLC

McClain Forest Products, LLC is located in West Plains, Missouri, and is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of Hugh McClain, a distinguished military veteran who started his business journey with poultry sales. In 1970, he founded McClain Farms, which initially produced turkeys but gradually expanded to include a feed mill. Over the years, the business diversified by acquiring a wood shavings company and a flooring plant. McClain Farms acquired North Pacific Groups, a hardwood lumber operation, in May 2010. The two companies merged under McClain Forest Products, LLC.

McClain's Raymondville kiln-dry plant is managed by Kevin Evilsizer, who is responsible for plant management and safety/environmental auditing. The kiln plant purchases hardwood lumber from 20-30 sawmill suppliers and processes it in their flagship dry facility, which has a production capacity of 40,000 board feet per day. The lumber is air-dried for three months to reduce its moisture content from 70% to 30%.

It is then transferred to large dry kilns which rotate twice a month, providing a total dry kiln capacity of 800,000 square feet. From there, upper-grade lumber undergoes further processing for flooring.

McClain Forest Products processes hickory, maple varieties such as soft and hard maple, walnut, and cherry, but red and white oak make up 95% of their product line, as the company is known for the unparalleled quality of their oak offerings. 

The Challenge: Calibration and Accuracy

The lumber industry faces a challenge in managing moisture in wood products.  A moisture content standard of 6-8% is necessary before shipping to ensure product quality for local and international markets.

Calibration: Kevin Evilsizer is responsible for following up with clients who have reported high moisture content readings after receiving lumber from the Raymondville plant. Despite keeping accurate records of moisture readings during air drying and processing, the lumber may get wet during delivery. In many cases, Kevin has discovered that clients incorrectly calibrated their own moisture meters, leading to inaccurate readings despite following the manufacturer's instructions.

Reliability and Accuracy: Kevin commonly receives questions from customers and competitor moisture meter companies about the accuracy of his equipment and measurements. He once demonstrated the accuracy of his Delmhorst moisture readings by conducting a bake-out or oven test, where a wafer is cut from the board, weighed, and baked until it stops losing weight. The wafer is re-weighed, and the smaller number is divided into the larger to determine the moisture content. The results of the bake out test agreed with Delmhorst’s meter readings to within half a percent, indicating unmatched accuracy.

The Solution: Delmhorst Excellence

McClain Forest Products has counted on Delmhorst moisture meters for 20 years. Their reputation and brand integrity rely heavily on dependable tools to maintain quality standards. Delmhorst’s excellence supports McClain Forest Products in the following ways:

  • Clear Instructions: Delmhorst's easy-to-use setup instructions and reliable support have been invaluable for over 20 years. 
  • Accuracy:  Delmhorst’s moisture meter was within half a percent of the expected moisture content after the bake-out test, exceeding competitor and customer expectations. This demonstrates that the Delmhorst moisture meter is reliable and accurate.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: They offer convenient access to support on their website, and their customer service team promptly addresses concerns.
  • Transparency: Delmhorst stands out for its transparent communication regarding repair or replacement costs, avoiding unnecessary up-selling. This transparency builds trust and fosters long-term partnerships.
  • Professional Team: Interaction with Delmhorst’s professional team highlights the company's dedication to excellence — it is a pleasure to do business with them!

The Result: Trusted Moisture Meters

McClain Forest Products requires the most advanced technology to measure moisture levels. Kevin recently upgraded to the Delmhorst JX-30 moisture meter, which uses Bluetooth® to access the Delmhorst EDGE App with expanded wood species and customizable settings. Delmhorst's moisture meters have consistently outperformed others, ensuring precise moisture measurements.

The Impact: Superior Quality

McClain Forest Products relies on Delmhorst's moisture meters to maintain the highest quality standards in their hardwood products. Delmhorst has a proven track record of accuracy and dependability, which perfectly aligns with McClain's commitment to delivering superior quality to its customers. With Delmhorst as a trusted partner, the company can confidently maintain its reputation for excellence in the hardwood industry, providing its clients with consistently high-quality products that meet and exceed expectations.

The Future: Trusted Partners

Kevin emphasizes that confidence is a key factor in the lumber industry. It is important to provide high-quality products and excellent customer service. This is where having a reliable moisture meter and a trustworthy supplier becomes indispensable. McClain Forest Products understands the significance of these factors, which is why, he says, they have partnered with Delmhorst.

The future of the lumber industry lies in maintaining quality, ensuring customer satisfaction, and building trusted partnerships. McClain Forest Products is well-positioned for continued success in the industry with Delmhorst as a trusted partner. Call Delmhorst today if you need a high quality, trusted moisture meter for wood or kiln-dried lumber and hardwood flooring.

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