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What Moisture Meter Works Best for Winter Restoration

Cold winter temperatures can have an adverse effect on some moisture meters during the winter. Usually, though, the impact of cold temperatures on a moisture meter’s readings are minimal—unless those temperatures are in the freezing zone. This is because high or low ... Read More

Can Becoming a Delmhorst Distributor Improve Your Business in 2019?

With 2018 drawing to a close and a new year ahead, it’s a good time for businesses that supply customers in the construction, flooring, and wood manufacturing industries to think about how they can improve their business for the new year. One way to boost business for ... Read More

How to Store and Re-Dry Your Electrode

Moisture meter electrodes can be a critical tool for getting the most use out of your moisture meters. These specialized probes can be incredibly varied depending on their specific application, taking many different shapes and sizes adapted to specific use conditions. Read More

5 Tips for Winter Restoration Projects

Restoration experts carry out their work year-round in all kinds of weather. While the chill of winter sounds like an inconvenient time to start a building restoration project, time is often of the essence for minimizing the damage caused by moisture intrusion. When ... Read More

Why Moisture Control and Prevention is Important

For many professionals in different industries, controlling moisture is an absolute must to prevent various moisture issues. Why is moisture control important? More importantly, how can professionals control moisture to prevent issues? Read More

How to Prepare for a Building Inspection During Winter

Winter is here once again—and with it comes numerous wintertime water damage risks. In the northernmost parts of the U.S. that are cool or cold year-round, most buildings are well-prepared for winter conditions with insulated pipes and other precautionary measures. ... Read More

The Worst Things to Do with Your Thermo-Hygrometer

Thermo-hygrometers, also known as relative humidity (RH) meters, are incredibly useful tools for a variety of applications. From concrete installations, to home inspections, to checking RH conditions in a lumber storage yard, a thermo-hygrometer can be invaluable. Read More

Why You’ll Love the BD-10 Pin Moisture Meter

Many modern moisture meters use digital displays and have a wide variety of special features meant to make them more versatile as moisture testing tools. However, not every user needs or favors digital moisture meters. Some users prefer an analog moisture meter design ... Read More

How to Perfect Your Hay Moisture Testing with FX-2000

Testing hay moisture content at every step of the harvest, from initial cutting, to baling, to storage, is crucial for ensuring safe, high-quality hay. Hay moisture meters are an important tool for hay moisture testing. However, your hay moisture testing needs are ... Read More

Broken Moisture Meter Here's How to Fix That

Professionals in a variety of industries use moisture meters for many different reasons. While many moisture meters are designed to be rugged, any tool may break when put under stress. If you have a broken moisture meter, one of the first things you’ll probably want to ... Read More