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5 of the Best Moisture Meters for Woodworkers

As any experienced woodworker knows, accurately detecting moisture in wood is a huge part of ensuring a successful, problem-free wood product. By using a moisture meter for woodworking, professionals can ensure that they have consistent results. Read More

How to Measure the Moisture Content of Wood for DIY Projects

If you’re an intrepid do-it-yourself enthusiast getting ready to complete a major project that involves wood, it’s important to know how to measure the moisture content of that wood for your DIY project. Read More

4 Reasons You NEED to Detect Moisture in Your Hay

Moisture in hay is one of those things that laypeople rarely ever think about. If the thought of monitoring hay moisture content did cross their minds, they’d probably wonder “who cares if the hay is a bit too wet or dry?” However, the moisture content of hay is a ... Read More

What’s the Ideal Moisture Content for Wood Flooring?

Working with wood flooring materials isn’t an easy job. When high-quality wood is installed well, it can be one of the most beautiful and long-lasting flooring materials on the market. Read More

How Moisture Meters Help Your Agriculture Customers

If your business serves agricultural clients, you might be wondering why you should stock moisture meters for agriculture—or, you may need to convince your agriculture customers why they should use moisture testing devices. Read More

ABC’s of Measuring Moisture in Drywall

In a moisture-compromised structure, drywall is especially susceptible to damage from exposure to moisture. This is because gypsum, the material drywall is made of, is very sensitive to moisture. Drywall that has been allowed to get too wet can experience numerous ... Read More

Using Moisture Meters to Determine Mold Risk

When it comes to determining mold risk, moisture meters are one of the most useful and important tools a mold remediation expert can have. Why? Because, as noted by the EPA, "there is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment; the ... Read More

What Moisture Meter Should I Buy for Restoration Projects?

Restoration projects often call for experts to use a variety of moisture testing devices to make sure that building materials are free from water damage risks. However, the sheer variety of materials to be tested and the working conditions that may be present at the ... Read More

How To Accurately Measure Moisture in Gypsum Wall Board

Gypsum is a popular material widely used in construction and known for its fire-resistant qualities. One of its more popular construction uses is gypsum wall board, also known as drywall or Sheetrock®. Though the material’s positive attributes outweigh the negatives, ... Read More

4 Moisture Meter Resources That Will Improve Your Customer Service

Being a distributor of moisture meters isn’t always easy. It’s especially difficult when you have to help inexperienced customers with their new moisture meters, process warranty requests, and make sure that you’re stocking the right moisture meters for your customers. Read More