Delmhorst Brings Advanced Moisture Meter Technology to SERVPRO’s Annual Convention

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Sep 15, 2023 2:13:59 PM

With over 2,000 franchises in the United States, SERVPRO is one of the country's most respected cleanup and restoration companies. Each year, SERVPRO technicians serve the thousands of people and businesses that have suffered some form of property damage, from flooding and fire to storms and earthquakes.

It takes time and effort to keep the extensive network of SERVPRO professionals up-to-date and on top of current trends in restoration and repair best practices, which is why there was such a good turnout at the SERVPRO Annual Convention, held this year in Tampa, FL from June 28th through the 30th. Hundreds of franchisees attended the event to gain insights on emerging opportunities and concerns in the restoration sector, and to explore new products that could improve their performance -- and their bottom line. Not surprisingly, Delmhorst Instrument Co. was also there, checking in on long-time customers while also making many new friends.


Delmhorst is a mainstay at SERVPRO’s annual convention. The company’s robust and reliable moisture meters are top-of-the-line devices for moisture control in many industries, especially in the disaster recovery and restoration sector. This year was no exception, and many Delmhorst booth visitors were long-time users of the sophisticated restoration tools. 

As is usual, the company received exceptional feedback on the quality of its lines of moisture-measuring devices, as well as the company's strong focus on customer service:

  • Visitors happily shared their appreciation of the consistent and reliable quality provided by Delmhorst moisture meters across all restoration project use cases. Companies continue to rely on their classic Delmhorst devices even as they add new technicians to their growing businesses; maintaining a dependable, indispensable tool over time keeps the entire workforce consistent in its practices regardless of the date of hire. The meter's reliability also ensures many years of use without needing ongoing refresher courses. 
  • Consumers lauded Delmhorst's exceptional customer service, too, noting that their swift and comprehensive repair and recalibration service reduces downtime while the instrument is offline. 
  • Delmhorst's capacity to furnish one style of meter for technicians and another, more sophisticated model with added functionality for project managers is also highly appreciated. Customers noted that this keeps project costs down while ensuring each team member can achieve their particular MC monitoring goals. 


Delmhorst experts who attended the convention made a point of speaking with booth visitors about topics that were foremost on their mind, identifying the most pressing pain points and needs of today’s restoration technicians. Two main topics of conversation arose again and again throughout the event:

  • Many business owners wanted to discuss the relative value of maintaining multiple types of meters in their tool chest versus trading some in for models that combined the ability to measure various materials with a single device. 
    • Several professionals stated they were intentionally holding a storehouse of current models because they value those investments and have all the training materials and systems in place to maximize their productivity. Replacing them seems unnecessary if those devices continue to provide reliable, consistent, and relevant service.
    • Other owners liked the option of using a single device to measure MC in more than one type of material if it could deliver reliable, accurate data from all the different materials found on a job site. The multi-use option offers a convenient and budget-friendly alternative to managing a cache of meters tailored for different purposes.  
  • Choosing a pin versus a pinless meter was also part of the conversation. Some technicians and owners said they preferred keeping those options separate and would continue using discrete meters. Others spoke highly of their Delmhorst combination meters that can adapt to both pin and pinless measurement requirements.  


Additionally, this year, there was a lot of positive talk about Delmhorst's new BDX line of meters, developed with Bluetooth® connectivity to the EDGE™ App specifically for this segment of the restoration industry. Notably, many restoration professionals also talked about the reliability of Delmhorst's BD-10 meter, one of the company's oldest models still in action. Those discussions highlighted the high value that Delmhorst has conveyed to its customers over the course of its 75+ year history. 

Other user insights will be helpful to Delmhorst’s product development team. In particular, SERVPRO professionals provided significant input on the addition of a geometrical design for the pad of a pinless device. These customer suggestions will help Delmhorst’s product developers modify the instruments with ergonomics in mind and to sit directly on the material's surface, whether it's a wall, a floor, or some other structural piece. 

It was gratifying to hear how much attendees relied on their Delmhorst moisture meters to keep their SERVPRO operations at peak productivity. Their customers are confronting serious property damage challenges, and contractors depend on the devices to ensure their restoration work will both resolve the immediate concern and also alleviate their clients' stress. These conversations often segued directly into more extensive consultations about the advanced technology embedded in the new Delmhorst BDX line of meters and their promise of enhanced accuracy and productivity within the restoration industry. These innovations are expanding the service capabilities of the sector, offering even more benefits for conference attendees -- and the customers who hire them. 

Call Delmhorst today for more information on the high value the BDX series will provide for your organization. But keep your eye on this blog, too. Our next article will share our experiences and interactions with the woodworking industry at the Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers (AWFS) Convention.

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