Delmhorst Brings Best-In-Class Moisture Meters to the RESTORE Conference & Expo

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Sep 13, 2023 4:17:37 PM

If your property restoration enterprise is intent on fine-tuning its property damage solutions, then you may have attended the June 2023 RESTORE Conference and Expo in New Orleans. Hundreds of restoration professionals, contractors, and technicians turned out to learn the latest industry trends and innovations, and Delmhorst was there to represent cutting-edge advancements in moisture meter technology.

At the RESTORE Expo, industry professionals learned more about how Delmhorst moisture meters can help them find and abate water and moisture impairments in virtually any restoration project. New to the discussion, however, was the topic of Delmhorst's popular EDGE™ App, which uses Bluetooth® connectivity to stream project data directly from the device into this companion application. The innovative technology generated a lot of attention.  


While Delmhorst's restoration experts were happy to share the wide-ranging value offered by the moisture meters, they were equally interested in learning the challenges that conference attendees were having at their job sites. Not surprisingly, there were some common themes presented across the board, all of which were very informative. Those concerns will guide Delmhorst's future product and service development initiatives. 

The Delmhorst team also noted that, as a group, business owners shared several similar restoration concerns, while contractors and technicians were seeking information for more practical aspects of the moisture control function. This provided Delmhorst’s experts with critical insights into how well their products enhance their customers' experience and what new features or functions will increase their value even more.

Four main topics seemed to pop up most frequently:

  • Restoration business owners wanted the instruments to be as simple to use as possible. Typically, moisture readings are taken multiple times a day over the course of the project, and at varying locations on the job site. Restoration technicians may therefore be using the devices several times each day to ensure the relative moisture content (MC) is appropriate for the particular setting. Streamlining the ease of use cuts down on the learning curve for moisture meter usage as well as time spent taking repeated readings. 
  • Both technicians and company owners were curious about the possibility of a multi-use meter -- one that is capable of measuring moisture in more than one type of material. 
  • Having the choice of a pin-type or non-pin meter was also noted as a well-utilized benefit. 
  • Not least significant for attendees was how well the instruments facilitated swift and accurate project information sharing through use of the EDGE™ App. Immediately sending MC data to project spreadsheets via Bluetooth® connectivity ensures all project participants have essential information at their fingertips.


The moisture meter experts from Delmhorst had their own information to share, which delighted conference attendees. Delmhorst's innovative BDX line offers several improvements to moisture meter capacities:  

  • The new line itself garnered some buzz. Delmhorst's advanced moisture meter innovations for restoration wowed the crowd, especially the device's larger screen size and easier readability. The revised iteration now displays all relevant reading information at once. 
  • The Bluetooth® connectivity delivered through Delmhorst's proprietary EDGE™ App is also a widely acclaimed groundbreaker. The connection facilitates the swift transfer of meter data to the app's database. The app then integrates the readings with the larger body of project information, and also geotags each reading for date, time, and location so users can track relative MC over the entire course of the project. The consequent cumulative reports offer added credibility because the intelligence they deliver is based on digital analytics, not human review. 


Information gathered from existing and potential customers throughout the conference will contribute significantly to Delmhorst's innovations moving forward. The EDGE™ App in particular sparked some lively conversation about possible future uses:

  • Bluetooth® communication between the device and the app is well-received. Delmhorst intends that function to also act as the platform for the next logical step: connecting the app to the digital processes used by customers, clients, and insurers. Each project stakeholder has a different reason for tracking MC data. This intelligence informs timeframes and scheduling, production cost estimates, and budget management strategies, among many other project variables.
  • Current users were also curious about a possible 'leave-behind' meter that could be left in place at the site to capture streaming data when technicians aren't available. The service would reduce technician costs and save time while also keeping project personnel consistently apprised of MC levels. 

The Delmhorst conference staff collected their visitors' comments for guidance and reference, and the company is now working on a 'back-end' app to facilitate these services.

By all accounts, the RESTORE conference was a great success, and Delmhorst was very pleased by the positive responses their team received and the great conversations they had with both current and future customers. The EDGE™ App innovation is already a game changer for technicians and professionals in this industry. Further, because the restoration sector is expected to double in size within the next ten years, the app and comparable Delmhorst technology currently in development will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, providing enhanced accuracy, speedier reporting capacities, and more flexibility to meet users' precise needs.

Contact us today to find out how our BDX line of moisture meters for the restoration industry can enhance your company's service quality and bottom line. And, if you're familiar with SERVPRO, you'll want to read our next post, where we share our experiences at the SERVPRO trade show.

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