Moisture Meters Enhance ‘The Experience’ of Restoration Industry Professionals

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Oct 4, 2023 4:15:56 PM

Homes and businesses can sustain their share of damage. And when they do, it’s professionals like those who attended September’s The Experience Convention and Trade Show who help clean them up. Designed specifically for professionals and technicians in the water damage, cleaning, and restoration industries, The Experience gathers industry experts, tools, innovations, and leaders into a single location to converse and collaborate on cutting-edge solutions for today's toughest water damage and environmental renewal challenges.



Twice a year, these 'hygiene heroes' gather to share their wisdom and experience with each other. In many cases, these businesses, property owners, and restoration technicians are first responders when catastrophes happen, so they see first-hand how extreme weather events, utility system failures, and other natural (or unnatural) disasters impact both internal and external environments. They attend this show to talk about what they've learned in their sector and to share some of their in-the-field observations and lessons with industry colleagues. 

The educational aspect of the show isn't limited to hands-on experiences, either. Event organizers build courses and classes into the three-day adventure that visitors could attend for the cost of admission. Many industry attendees also train their own staff and technicians, so these educational modules offer invaluable benefits in and of themselves. In these sessions, professionals share the intricacies of new tools and techniques, and the audience's input often enhances the course's value even more. In addition, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) issues 12 continuing education credits to those attending all three seminar days, and two such credits to those who attend the conference in general. Delmhorst is proud and delighted that many educators use its meters as teaching tools for their staff.       

From the Delmhorst perspective, connecting with existing customers is always a pleasure and informative, as is meeting potential new clients. Delmhorst booth staff noted that many attendees were small mom-and-pop businesses that work hard to provide high-quality service comparable to that of a franchised entity. They were further impressed by how busy these companies are as they respond to the many environmental and industrial challenges that have been occurring all year. And, of course, it was fun to talk the trade with participants from all levels of the industry: business owners, team managers, individual craftsmen, and industry-specific technicians. Water damage on any surface presents significant risks to human health, so sharing insights with others who work hard to ameliorate and eliminate those risks is always rewarding. 



Delmhorst event staff always enjoy these shows because they receive vital feedback from Delmhorst moisture meter fans. The Experience was no exception. 

Across the board, users were highly impressed by the quality of their Delmhorst meter, whether it was a relatively new release or an established classic like the J-2000. Time after time, the conversation turned to the devices’ reliability, accuracy, and sturdiness which, considering the demanding environments in which many of these professionals work, says a lot about the physical construction and endurance of the meters. One happy customer shared his trials experimenting with other moisture reading devices to see how their function compared to that of the Delmhorst tool. Suffice it to say that he continues to rely on his Delmhorst model both inside and outside of his occupational needs. 

The other side of the conversation was about what Delmhorst was doing next, with a focus on the company’s exciting new offering, the EDGE™ app. Introduced alongside Delmhorst's BDX-30 device, the software application provides users with cutting-edge technology to augment their moisture measurement and control efforts. The app connects with the tool using Bluetooth® technology and puts data from meter readings right into the hands of the technician. The program collects and stores precision readings, dates, timestamps, and even geotags, so organizations are building a record of their moisture control practices as they perform those functions. While many existing Delmhorst customers remain very satisfied with their classic models, they did express curiosity about how that new tech might enhance the quality and efficiency of their work even more. They were also intrigued by how its record-generation capacity might improve their documentation needs.   

Delmhorst was also excited to share information about its upcoming release of a stand-alone thermo-hygrometer, the HTX-30. The meter is part of the new Navigator family and takes design and user interface cues from the BDX meters. The HTX-30 measures temperature and relative humidity, and calculates GPP, dew point, and vapor pressure – all important to the water damage technician or any industrial application that requires comprehensive psychrometric data. The HTX-30 is also equipped with Bluetooth®, enhancing functionality via the EDGE™ app. Look for more info on the HTX in the coming weeks.    

Environmental disasters happen all the time, and Delmhorst equips the professionals who help clean them up with the moisture measurement capabilities they need to ensure efficient restoration and remediation.

Contact Delmhorst today to learn how our moisture meters can elevate the quality and outcome of all your cleaning or restoration projects.  


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