Your Guide to Choosing the Best Moisture Meter for Your Hardwood Flooring Applications

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Sep 13, 2022 10:02:40 AM

This third part of our series on the hardwood flooring industry highlights the benefits of choosing top moisture meter models. We will follow up on the previous article that presented readers with a clearer idea of how quality moisture meters meet the specific needs of professionals in the hardwood flooring industry. 

We will hone in on the most suitable Delmhorst moisture meter models for effectively meeting the typical demands in the hardwood flooring installer and inspector. These models enable industry-critical functionality such as optimized moisture measurements, hassle-free application across large-scale projects, and accurate moisture detection in floors and sub-floors. 

Recommended Moisture Meter for Optimized Readings in Hardwood Flooring Applications

The acceptable range of moisture content within hardwood flooring depends on the environment but typically lies between 6-9%. Since wood is a hygroscopic material that shifts its moisture level according to its surrounding environment, you will need a reliable moisture meter that helps to maintain moisture equilibrium, optimizing the durability of installations. 

Recommended Moisture Meters for Moisture Detection in Hardwood Flooring 

Hardwood flooring contains multiple layers, each with differing MC levels. A pin-type moisture meter, when used with electrodes with insulated pins,  provides precise detection of MC at specific depths, giving you a better assessment of the source of any moisture damage. Quality pin moisture meters should also include built-in capabilities for reading storage to expedite reports and follow-up repairs.  

JX-30 and BDX-30 

These two meters from Delmhorst's new Navigator™ series are the ultimate pin-type moisture meters for damage detection and on-site management. We recommend either the BDX-30 or JX-30 wood flooring configuration for hardwood professionals, including the meter, 26-ES hammer electrode, extra pins, and carrying case for ready deployment across your job sites. 

Also, you may conveniently link the meters with the intuitive Delmhorst EDGE™ app via Bluetooth® connectivity to export data such as geotags and timestamps from any location. 

Recommended Moisture Meter for Large-Scale Measurements in Hardwood Flooring 

Some hardwood flooring scenarios require pinless moisture meters, specifically when the flooring pro or customer/homeowner prefers not to compromise the aesthetics of an installation with holes from pins’ penetration. Scanning a sizable job site with pinless models quickly assesses moisture hot spots and helps determine where more exhaustive testing with a pin meter may be necessary.


Delmhorst's Proscan moisture meter offers a non-invasive method of measuring MC quickly and accurately across your hardwood flooring structures. The pinless model uses advanced and carefully tuned radio frequencies to detect moisture levels across many building materials, including wood and drywall, and can also provide relative moisture information on concrete surfaces. It is important that firm, positive contact is made between the sensor and a smooth surface. 

Proscan comes with a built-in correction for specific gravity of a variety of species across a range of .30-.80 SG and measures MC on wood over the range of 5-30%. The model functions through a durable one-piece sensor that measures MC 3/4"-1” deep without damaging the sample. Also, Proscan comes with a hold function, so you can easily guide the meter over inaccessible areas to acquire a quick and accurate reading. 

Recommended Moisture Meter for Versatile Applications in the Hardwood Flooring Industry

Some flooring professionals prefer an “all-in-one” meter that offers both pin and pinless functionality as well as a thermohygrometer. This configuration lets the user thoroughly analyze moisture content in hardwood as well as other flooring materials. Combo moisture meter models will spare you the hassle of bringing multiple models to a job site.  


The TotalCheck 3-in-1 moisture meter allows you to toggle between pin and scan configurations. Also, the advanced model comes with a removable relative humidity/temperature sensor that you can use to measure ambient job site conditions, critical info for the success of any installation.  

Delmhorst's TotalCheck's pin mode measures 5-60% wood scale and 0–100 numerical reference scale for non-wood building materials. The model's scan mode provides a 0–300 numerical reference scale for easy application across multiple materials. TotalCheck can also be used for in-situ testing of concrete slabs in accordance with the ASTM F2170 standard.

Additionally, the advanced moisture meter models enable you to store up to 1400 MC readings along with their date and timestamp data, supporting reports for detailed project management. TotalCheck's system makes it convenient to categorize readings according to a job for easy reference.

Delmhorst Instrument - Your One-Stop Source for Quality Moisture Meters

Delmhorst offers a diverse selection of moisture meter models suited for various applications and demands within the flooring industry. Additionally, we provide an assortment of quality electrodes and accessories to meet most applications. You can trust the friendly specialists at Delmhorst to guide your search for the best moisture meter through in-depth product knowledge, dedicated technical support, and quality customer service. 

The next installment of our blog series shares practical tips and guidelines on how hardwood flooring professionals can optimize moisture meter use across job sites. 

Reach out to Delmhorst's experts today to discover the most suitable moisture meter for your hardwood flooring needs!

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