Delmhorst: Industry-Leading Moisture Meters for Lumber and Hardwood Flooring

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Mar 16, 2023 6:23:43 AM

This year’s NWFA convention in Milwaukee, WI promises to be full of exhibitors and hardwood flooring personnel sharing valuable solutions, latest trends, and product updates to improve your business. Plus, it is a chance to gather, learn, and network with others who understand your craft. We at Delmhorst are excited to again bring our team of specialists to connect with you at the 37th NWFA Expo.

The Delmhorst Difference

Delmhorst Instrument Co. is a specialized solutions provider of leading moisture meters for hardwood flooring. We provide an inventory of reliable and user-friendly meter models to help you optimize moisture content in hardwood flooring installations. Every Delmhorst product is assembled in the USA, and is supported by our industry-leading warranty. Our commitment to product excellence and superior service began as a mission. Now, it is our hallmark.

Industry-Leading Moisture Meters

The priority of any wood industry producer is to create a consistent result that meets customers' expectations. Working with wood is a crafted balance between managing its uniqueness and creating predictable product quality. Delmhorst is proud to offer not only reliable and innovative moisture meters, but comprehensive support and an ever-growing library of resources to inform and guide industry professionals, including:

Moisture Meters: An Essential Tool in the Hardwood Flooring Industry 

Meters can help professionals keep hardwood material in top shape by preventing damage caused by high moisture content, across trades, such as carpenters, woodworkers, and building inspectors. 

The Benefits of High-Quality Moisture Meters for Hardwood Flooring Professionals 

High-quality moisture meters give woodworking professionals a thorough and accurate assessment of moisture content in hardwood flooring that determines its suitability for installation. Checking moisture levels during floor installation and acclimatization lets you assure customers that they will receive quality and durable products that last. With reduced liability issues, you can expect less repair work from warranty claims, so you can focus on other value-added aspects of running your business. 


Your Guide to Choosing the Best Moisture Meter for Your Hardwood Flooring Applications 

The NWFA guidelines state that installers should typically take 20 readings per 1,000 square feet for wood flooring to acquire an accurate average result. A high-quality moisture meter enables you to obtain precise MC measurements for the most lasting and well-fitted hardwood flooring installations. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Moisture Meter: A Guide for Hardwood Flooring Professionals

Once you have selected a moisture meter, following the proper measuring procedures is essential to acquire an accurate reading. At Delmhorst we help you find the best meter to match your needs and also educate you on maximum care and performance of your investment.  

First-Class Technical Support Allows Denver Hardwood to Impress Clients

It always helps to learn from fellow professionals in the industry about how they were able to leverage tools and resources to achieve their goals. Denver Hardwood Company, a trusted supplier to professionals in the hardwood flooring industry and an architectural and interior design consultant, leaned on Delmhorst’s unparalleled customer service and willingness to provide personal support to boost their own customers’ experience. 

JX-20 & JX-30: Moisture Detection for Woodwork, Lumber Processing, & Hardwood Flooring

At the IWF (International Woodworking Fair) in August 2022, Delmhorst introduced two exciting moisture meters in the new Navigator™ family, the JX-20 and JX-30. Both are incredibly intuitive and simple to use. Their large, dashboard-like display is backlit, which helps in the uneven lighting conditions that woodworkers often face. They both group together all the features you need as you test wood moisture content, making everything easy to find and use. Come check out our new models at the Expo.

Which Delmhorst Meter is Best for You? Find out at the NWFA Expo 2023

At Delmhorst, we believe the best meter is the one that is most suited for your industry and purposes. In advance of the NWFA convention, we wanted to share our excitement at gathering with woodworking professionals like you and help bring even more ease and excellence to your business. We look forward to seeing you at the NFWA Expo. We are here to help your business excel through consistent quality performance. 

Can’t wait for the Expo? Reach out to Delmhorst's experts today to discover the right moisture meter for your hardwood flooring needs.

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