Benefits of the ProScan Pinless Moisture Meter

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Aug 12, 2014 11:22:00 AM

The ProScan pinless moisture meter features built-in species corrections for a variety of wood.For as long as there have been woodworkers, flooring and general contractors, restoration specialists and other dedicated professionals, they have had to contend with the effects of moisture on their work. Before the invention of moisture meters, however, these professionals had no way to quickly and accurately determine the moisture content of wood and other building materials.

Instead, these professionals had to rely on visual inspection methods which are unreliable at best. Oven drying tests are more accurate, but take far too long to complete, and are inconvenient. With the introduction of convenient, easy to use portable moisture meters, woodworkers and other professionals have a tool that can give them a quantifiable measurement of the moisture content of wood and other building materials. Ever since Delmhorst introduced its ram-type electrode, our company has constantly worked to improve upon and bring the best moisture meter technology to the market for our customers.

The ProScan pinless moisture meter is one result of the hard work and dedication to achieving perfection that is a hallmark of Delmhorst Instrument Co.

Things that Make the ProScan a Great Moisture Meter

Like any pinless moisture meter, the ProScan from Delmhorst provides professionals with the ability to get a reading of the moisture content of wood or other materials with a flat surface in an instant without leaving pin holes in the material like a standard pin-type moisture meter would. It achieves this feat by using a radio frequency to scan the material instead of the two penetrating pins that pin-type meters rely on. The meter then checks for fluctuations in the radio signal and uses this information to provide a moisture content measurement of the object being scanned.

Also, as with most pinless meters, the ProScan is able to quickly take multiple readings over a large area of a piece of wood. This is because there are no pins to constantly have to push in an out in order to get a reading.

However, the ProScan goes beyond the simple benefits of a standard pinless meter. Other benefits/features of this moisture meter include:

  • The ProScan pinless meter can make corrections for dozens of different species of wood.Built-in species corrections over the range of .30 to .80 SG (specific gravity). Just like how individual species of wood can alter the results of a moisture reading for pin meters, pinless meter readings can also be influenced by the species of wood being scanned. By adjusting readings based on the specific gravity of a given species of wood, the ProScan makes getting accurate readings a breeze.

  • Hold function. Have to take a reading in a hard-to-reach area where you can’t read what the meter is saying as you are taking a measurement? Normally, a pinless meter only displays a value while it is actively scanning. With the hold function, you can keep the reading on the screen so that you can scan moisture in a narrow gap or other space so that you can read it after the scan is finished.

  • 3/4" Scanning Depth. Most pin-type meters have pins that penetrate 5/16” deep, but the ProScan can measure moisture up to three-quarters of an inch deep into wood.

  • 0-100 reference scale for non-wood building materials. Contractors and restoration experts have to deal with moisture in more than just wooden building materials. Being able to adjust readings based on the specific type of material being checked makes moisture measurements more accurate, which in turn allows for better decision making on the job in relation to said data.

  • Calibrated to minimize false high readings. In addition to the benefits of having built-in species corrections and a reference scale for non-wood materials, the ProScan pinless moisture meter is designed to largely eliminate the occurrence of false positive readings. By providing appropriate wood species adjustments and a reference scale for other materials, the ProScan helps to ensure that you avoid erroneous measurements.

  • Provides %MC readings over the range of 5% to 30%. This particular pinless moisture meter is accurate enough to read both extremely dry wood (as low as 5% MC) and very wet wood (up to 30% MC), more than enough to meet the demands of the vast majority applications related to building materials.

Beyond the above functional benefits, the ProScan pinless moisture meter is backed by Delmhorst’s 1-year warranty and comprehensive customer support. If you ever have questions about your ProScan moisture meter, or any other Delmhorst product, contact us right away. Our friendly, U.S.-based support staff will be here to provide assistance.

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