Finding a Moisture Meter Manufacturer with Great Support

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Aug 28, 2014 2:01:00 PM

When you’re on the hunt for a top-quality moisture meter to use in your line of work, you want the get the best equipment possible. Whether you use moisture meters to check lumber, building materials, grain, hay, or any number of other objects where moisture content can be a concern, having a rugged, reliable tool is a must.

The question is, how can you know if the moisture meter you’re getting is the right one for you?

Many manufacturers would rely on arguments based purely on price or on how many bells and whistles their product has. However, there’s more to finding the best moisture meter for your needs than looking at functionality and price (although those are important).

In addition to finding a moisture meter with the right functions for the right price, it is important to get a meter from a manufacturer that you can trust to provide top-notch support. Why? Because, while a moisture meter’s advertising and packaging can promise any number of features, those features are useless if the device you get doesn’t work and the manufacturer won’t work with you to solve the problem.

Finding a Manufacturer with Great Customer and Product Support

So, how can you find the right manufacturer with the right product for your moisture meter needs? There are actually a few things you can use to identify a top-notch manufacturer with a great product, such as:

  • The Warranty. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post on the subject, a manufacturer’s warranty is a great way to identify a great moisture meter manufacturer. A strong, easy to understand warranty is a great indication that the manufacturer has a great product, and is willing to stand behind their craftsmanship.

  • The overall satisfaction of a manufacturer's other clients is a great indication of the quality of both their products and their after-sale support.Customer Reviews. What do other people say about the manufacturer of the moisture meters you’re looking at? Are customers satisfied or unsatisfied, and why? Look for examples of what common issues were, and how the manufacturer responded. This will tell you a lot about how the manufacturer will probably treat you.

  • History. How long has this manufacturer been in the business? When did they get their start, and what distinctions have they earned? When a manufacturer has been in the business for decades, it says a lot about their quality and consistency. An established company is, much like their products, proven and reliable.

  • Where Customer Support is based. When you call the manufacturer’s support number, are you going to be put through to some call center on the other side of the planet where the phone operators don’t get paid to care? Or, will you reach a friendly staff of knowledgeable professionals who are familiar with the manufacturer’s products and their use? With the latter, you are much more likely to be able to get help with any questions you might have.

  • Online Resources. We’ve all misplaced the owner’s manual to something at some time, only to find out we need it later. If the manufacturer puts their product manuals online where you can find them easily, however, losing the manual doesn’t have to be an insurmountable problem. Not only that, but some manufacturers (such as Delmhorst, for example) have online training courses available for their products so that you can learn the operation of a new device quickly.

By checking out the company’s history, product warranties, online resources, past reviews, and product support resources, you can learn a lot about a given manufacturer. The more readily a manufacturer stands behind the quality of their products, and follows through on their promises, the more likely they are to have a reliable product that’s worth using.

Why Finding a Manufacturer with Great Support is Important

When you purchase a great moisture meter from a manufacturer that is dedicated to providing top-notch support, you get more than just another tool; you get the assistance of a company that will help you make the most of that tool.

With a manufacturer that is less than dedicated to helping you after the purchase of your moisture meter, getting a warranty repair or similar service may be difficult at best.

For example, when a manufacturer does their best to avoid giving out basic warranty repairs or replacements, that’s time you have to waste trying to negotiate for service, time in which you could have been using your moisture meter (or its replacement) to get work done and earn money. Not only may you lose out on the money you paid for the meter if the manufacturer says that the repairs don’t fall under the warranty, you lose money from reduced productivity because you don’t have the equipment you need to work efficiently.

Get your moisture meters from a trusted manufacturer with decades of experience, online product manuals, online training, a U.S.-based customer support team, and a long track record of keeping customers happy. When your moisture meter manufacturer works with you, life is simply easier.

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