4 Things to Look for in a Moisture Meter Manufacturer

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Sep 30, 2014 1:41:00 PM

When shopping for tools online, be sure to check out the manufacturer first.When you’re looking for a top-quality moisture meter for any professional application, it’s important to get a meter from a top-quality manufacturer. With a product from a reliable moisture meter manufacturer, you can rest easy knowing that your meter will work reliably for a long time to come.

But, how do you know if a moisture meter manufacturer is a reliable one? To help you find an answer to this question, we’ve assembled a list of four things to look for in a moisture meter manufacturer:

#1: Positive Reviews from Past Customers

Few things demonstrate how reliable a manufacturer is like a long history of positive reviews from previous clients. When checking out a moisture meter manufacturer (or any other supplier of goods and services, for that matter), look for reviews from past customers.

When you locate these reviews, see what it is about the manufacturer and its products that these past customers liked. This is often an excellent indication of the kind of service and support you can expect from the manufacturer as well as the overall quality of their products.

Of course, it’s just as important to take a good look at negative reviews for a manufacturer as well. When reading these reviews, see what it is about that customer’s experience that left such a bad impression. For example, did the product that they bought not have features that they wanted? Under what conditions were their meters used? In any case, look for how the manufacturer responded to these concerns.

If you can, personally reach out to others who have used the products of the manufacturer you’re thinking about buying from. You’ll often get a much clearer understanding of that person’s experience by talking to them rather than just reading a review online.

Generally speaking, the more positive reviews a manufacturer has, the better. If a manufacturer has a history of overwhelmingly positive reviews from the vast majority of their customers, odds are that you’ve found a great manufacturer.

#2: Product Variety

There’s not much point to buying a moisture meter from any manufacturer if it isn’t the right tool for the job, is there? For example, if you need a pin meter with extended-length probes for checking hay bales, a manufacturer that only makes pinless meters would be about as much use to you as a truck without wheels.

When looking at moisture meter manufacturers, take some time out to consider their product catalog. Do they have a moisture meter that specifically meets your needs? What are some of the functions that would best suit your everyday work situations?

Here is where contacting a manufacturer directly can be helpful. Experienced moisture meter manufacturing companies can help you find the item that would be the perfect complement to your work activities, whether you’re:

These are just a few examples of the tasks that professionals in different industries might need a moisture meter for.

#3: Customer Support

Speaking of contact with a manufacturer, you will probably want to check out the manufacturer’s customer support services. For example, do they provide sales support pre-purchase (such as the consultation mentioned in item #2)? Is their customer support staff based in the U.S. and answerable to the manufacturer, or is customer support outsourced to a faceless third-party organization with no vested interest in providing actual support?

As an extension of customer support services, what resources does the manufacturer make available to you, and how easy are these resources to get? For example, a moisture meter manufacturer might provide digital copies of their product manuals for you online in case your purchase copy gets lost. Other resources that you’ll want from a manufacturer may include:

  • Online species correction tables. Different types of materials will give different moisture readings. Even two different species of wood will read differently when their actual %MC is the same. This is why species/material correction tables are a must.

  • Training courses. When you have a newbie on the team, the last thing you want to have to do is sit there and train them how to use the tools of the trade. With online training courses, you can bring new people up to speed in the use of the meters quickly, or train old hands how to use the special functions of new meters.

If a company isn’t invested enough in backing up their products to provide robust customer support, then odds are that they won’t be a manufacturer that you’ll want to deal with.

#4: Warranty Repairs/Replacement Policies

What's your manufacturer's warranty policy, and how closely do they follow it?Taking the time to read a manufacturer’s warranty can tell you a lot about that company and the service you can expect. For most manufacturers, a one-year warranty is the standard.

However, the time for which a moisture meter’s warranty is active is just one aspect to be considered. Of equal importance is how that warranty is worded. If the warranty’s language is clear and concise, plainly spelling out what the terms are and how you can use warranty services such as repairs or replacements for defective goods, that’s a good sign.

On the other hand, if a warranty is padded full of double-talking standards, confusing or unclear language, and an enormous list of exemptions, then you can fully expect that manufacturer to move heaven and earth to avoid fulfilling its obligations under their warranty.

Get a Great Meter from a Trusted Manufacturer

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