Industry-Specific Utilization of the Navigator™ Line & Edge™ App: The Best Choice for You

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Jan 13, 2022 2:05:30 PM

Finding the right moisture meter for your application is crucial. The Navigator™ line of moisture meters and the EDGE™ app provide solutions to a range of problems in water damage restoration, construction, and virtually any building or inspection field.

Navigator™ Moisture Meters and the EDGE™ App

The Navigator™ moisture meters combine Bluetooth capability with the ability to connect to a specialized app called EDGE™. The app allows you to remotely store and export moisture readings, which makes keeping accurate records easy. You can store unlimited readings and export them as either a full or partial set as you require. Each reading is automatically stored with a geotag and timestamp.

There’s a graphic interface that is simple to understand, plus the app allows you to switch the meter into a range of languages. That’s ideal for diverse workforces or international projects.

The Navigator™ Bluetooth-capable moisture meters work seamlessly with the EDGE™ app to provide a suite of features and benefits that assist professionals in diverse fields. Many moisture meters have visuals to show when moisture levels are high, average, or low. With the EDGE™ app, you can completely customize these ranges, creating a single moisture meter that can perform various tasks to suit your application, with just a few clicks.

In this article, we'll focus on just two of the industries the Navigator™ line of moisture meters and the EDGE™ app are optimally suited to serve: agriculture and the building trades.

Moisture Meters in the Building Trades


Wood floors are at serious risk of warping or other damage if they are installed at the wrong moisture content. Installing a wood floor requires knowing that the wood subfloor and wood floorboards are within moisture tolerance of one another. That means carefully monitoring and controlling moisture at the installation site so that the floor and subfloor are within 2%-4% MC of each other. Flooring jobs can take a while as it’s common practice to allow for acclimatization of the flooring to the expected environment in terms of humidity and temperature. That’s when it’s good to know that the Navigator™ moisture meters use standard AA batteries and give a low battery warning in plenty of time for you to swap batteries if needed.


Moisture meters are also crucial in drywall applications, as drywall that is moisture-compromised can promote the growth of mold and other microorganisms due to how porous it is. The ideal moisture content for drywall is less than 1%. Using the EDGE™ app and Bluetooth capability, you can set the Navigator™ meters to alert you to MC thresholds that will alert you to potential problems with wall-coverings, paint, and general structural integrity.  A meter with a direct readout of drywall %MC is an essential tool for any water damage technician, as well.


A moisture meter set to the right material can quickly detect if there is an unusual amount of moisture in a roof or attic space. That can often indicate a leak, and multiple readings along beams and walls may help track that leak down. The Navigator™ meters can be programmed with a variety of different building materials, including various species of wood, and include built-in correction for the wood temperature for the most accurate readings.

Delmhorst Instrument Co. designs and creates the highest-quality moisture meters available right now. Contact us today and find out which moisture meters are best for your industry.

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