Choosing A Bluetooth-Compatible Moisture Meter: All You Need to Know

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Aug 25, 2021 9:30:23 AM

From agriculture to building inspection, we know there are multiple industries that call for a reliable and highly accurate moisture meter. By understanding moisture content, you can find out the best place to install fans and dehumidifiers or monitor crops closely to avoid spoiling. As technologies advance, specialty meters become better connected and more feature-rich. Delmhorst Instrument has added a new Bluetooth-connected model to their Navigator™ line of moisture meters. So, what does this mean for users?

The BDX-30 and the EDGE™ App

The BDX-30 is the first Bluetooth-compatible moisture meter in the Navigator™ line. Why does a moisture meter need to be Bluetooth compatible? Apart from the possibilities of connecting it to your own Bluetooth-enabled devices for the recording of results, the BDX-30 works with an innovative app called EDGE™.

EDGE™ Features and Benefits

EDGE™ makes your BDX-30 moisture meter a much more powerful tool, thanks to a suite of features designed for efficiency and ease of use. The graphic interface makes it intuitive, and there’s next to no learning curve, so you can get started with it right away.

The app remotely stores the moisture meter’s readings, which you might expect. However, each reading is also given an exact timestamp and geotag for heightened accuracy. All the data recorded can be exported as a .csv file, and you can select full or partial data sets depending on your needs. Reassuringly, the app also allows the saving of unlimited readings.

Other features of the EDGE™ app include:

  • Compatibility with any smartphone or tablet device.
  • Highly expanded species/material sets including access to sets for international species.
  • A choice of international languages.
  • Customizable LED ranges.
As with all apps, there’s the potential for further updates and upgrades, making this app and moisture meter combo virtually future-proof.

BDX-30 Features and Benefits

The moisture meter itself also boasts impressive features beyond Bluetooth capability, with benefits to users in all industries. The most important aspect of handheld instruments is that they’re easy to read and use in a variety of environments where moisture content is a concern. The BDX-30 has a large display with an automated back-light, plus adjustable contrast and brightness. This means that even in dim spaces, readings are clear and easy to understand.

The on-screen statistics give you an instant idea of the situation in the area you’re monitoring. Stats such as High, Low, or Standard Deviation give you an overall picture, while the ability to pull up previous readings and averages helps you understand the timeline of moisture within your setting. Look for variances and patterns, and once data is no longer required or has been recorded via the app, erase it easily within the device itself.

The BDX-30 comes with 12 species/materials installed, plus there’s the ability to download from a selection of many others using the EDGE™ app. This makes this meter even more useful across a variety of industries and purposes. Of course, there are many more features, including:

  • Color-coded LEDs to match your own settings for high, low, or standard moisture levels.
  • Internal calibration checks.
  • Wood temperature correction in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Compatibility with any of the Delmhorst external electrodes.
  • Use of standard AA batteries.
  • Automatic switch off to save energy plus a low battery warning to help prevent you from losing power midway through a job.
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty with the possibility to extend via registration.

Choosing the Right Moisture Meter

Other moisture meters have some of the great features of the BDX-30, but none of them have the Bluetooth capability plus the ability to connect to the EDGE™ app for those additional features. All BD moisture meters show a green, yellow, or red light for visualization of the current moisture levels. But EDGE™ goes beyond this by allowing you to completely customize what you want the levels to be for each of those colors. If need be, you can have different moisture levels set for different areas within your industry, to give you a level of accuracy and granular data you couldn’t achieve previously. You can also pair the colored LEDs with alarms of your choosing, to help you manage moisture content even more efficiently.

Most industries are global now, which means working with colleagues all over the world. You can now choose a moisture meter that you can pass to someone who perhaps doesn’t have English as their first language and be confident that they can use it competently, thanks to a variety of languages included in the EDGE™ app that links to the BDX-30.

Other options in the current Navigator™ line include the BDX-20, which has some of the same innovative features as the BDX-30, with the exception of the Bluetooth connectivity and therefore the ability to connect to the EDGE™ app. Contact us today to find out more and discover why Delmhorst Instrument Co. has the reputation for designing and manufacturing the highest quality moisture meters available today. 

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