The Benefits of High-Quality Moisture Meters for Hardwood Flooring Professionals

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Aug 30, 2022 1:57:54 PM

Our second article in the series highlights the practical benefits of quality moisture meters for hardwood flooring professionals. Our previous article shared the importance of accurate moisture measurements in keeping hardwood flooring in optimal condition for safety and aesthetic purposes. 



Here, we'll take a deeper dive into the advantages of quality moisture meter models that support hardwood flooring professionals in handling on-site tasks with consistency and confidence. 

Revisiting the Fundamentals of Hardwood Flooring 

Wood is a hygroscopic material that absorbs or loses moisture to reach a state of equilibrium based on its immediate environment. The NWFA guidelines state that installers should typically take 20 readings per 1,000 square feet for wood flooring to acquire an accurate average result. A high-quality moisture meter enables you to obtain a precise measurement of overall MC for a high quality and trouble free hardwood flooring installation.

Typically, you will need to let the flooring material equilibrate to 6-9% MC and 35-55% relative humidity levels for a safe installation. Reaching equilibrium prevents surface defects on hardwood flooring, including crowning, cupping, buckling, warping, shrinkage, and cracking. 

Accurate Data Reports  

Quality moisture meters can provide clients with assurance through trackable and accurate data showing that an installation was performed within the industry standards. Additionally, some moisture meter models come with app and software capabilities that make it convenient for you to print or send an MC report to clients without fuss. 

Pin-type moisture meters work particularly well for both the subfloor and hardwood flooring, using insulated contact pins that penetrate various depths of an installation for comprehensive results. 

Optimize the Efficiency of Moisture Measurements

The combination of quality pin, pinless and thermo-hygrometer devices gives you a thorough and accurate assessment of moisture content in hardwood flooring, subfloors and the ambient conditions.  Using these specialized devices reduces the risks of defects and smoothes the installation process. 

Pin moisture meters enable you to measure MC across a range of wood materials through the principle of electrical resistance. Use insulated or non-insulated electrode pins, depending on the conditions to obtain accurate readings and assess moisture levels throughout the process and take the necessary actions without guesswork. 

Pinless meters typically use the relationship between the MC and the dielectric properties of the material under test to assess moisture levels. Some pinless models feature a fixed depth of penetration while others are adjustable, offering versatility. 

While pinless models may not provide the same accuracy as pin/probe devices, they enable you to obtain a general, overall condition across large areas with minimal time. Pinless models can be more practical for installations with prioritized aesthetics, operating through most water-borne coatings without leaving visible pin marks. 

Applicable Across Multiple Projects

Some quality moisture meters can function across different building trades applications through pin, scan and thermo-hygrometer functions. You can rely on a multi-function device rather than alternating between models, which  results in inconvenience and extra expenses. 

Delmhorst's TotalCheck 3-in-1 moisture meter offers such functionality. This versatile meter also conforms to ASTM F-2170 - the standard that assesses the suitability of concrete slabs to accept flooring materials.  

Determine the Exact Cause of Hardwood Flooring Damage

Hardwood flooring faults may occasionally occur due to undetected moisture damage, possibly resulting in costly large-scale replacements. 

Quality pin-type moisture meter models enable you to detect the exact cause of flooring damage through an accurate measurement with sensitive contact pins. Advanced versions of pin models feature built-in compatibility for multiple hardwood species, enabling you to check against the acceptable %MC range with precision. 

Delmhorst: Efficient Moisture Meter Solutions for Hardwood Flooring

Delmhorst Instrument is a specialized solutions provider for moisture meters catered to specific industry applications, including hardwood flooring installations. 

We provide an assortment of pin and pinless moisture meters that offer the most comprehensive readings according to your project specifications. Our moisture meters are essential tools for professionals in the hardwood flooring industry and favored for their user-friendly interface and efficient operation. 

For example, the new Navigator family BDX and JX meters provide an ergonomic grip handle that lets you obtain precise readings comfortably and with unmatched convenience. The large tactile buttons and wide LCD screen with auto backlight provide easy reference across different job conditions. 

The next article in our series explores the specific features and functions to consider when narrowing down your search for the most efficient moisture meters for hardwood flooring measurements. We will highlight various applications within the trade and illustrate how specialized meters can expedite and optimize moisture measurements. 

Reach out to Delmhorst to discover the most suitable moisture meter model for your hardwood flooring needs.

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