Top 5 Moisture Meters for Building Inspections

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Mar 1, 2024 3:39:33 PM

Today's building inspectors seek more than just compliance with building codes. They must also be alert for potential moisture concerns that might impair the quality of the construction. Sometimes, uncontrolled moisture levels are readily apparent, and evidence of them is easily detectable, such as damp spots on walls or cracks in dry floorboards. Other times, however, the naked eye cannot see if there is too much or too little moisture in the materials or environment. In these cases, construction professionals rely on the moisture detection capacities of Delmhorst's many moisture-tracking meters.Delmhorst’s moisture meters provide the capabilities and reliability needed to assess and ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of moisture levels throughout the construction process.  


A Meter for Every Type of Moisture Measurement  

Moisture is a known threat to every structure. Uncontrolled moisture levels can cause materials to decay, weaken structural integrity, and even reduce thermal capabilities, making the space potentially unsafe or uninhabitable. Weather issues, leaky pipes or hoses, and even excessive ambient humidity can all cause moisture problems. Building inspectors understand the concerns posed by unchecked moisture exposure and use moisture measurement tools to identify and address the issue. Many choose to use Delmhorst's extensive slate of moisture meters to ensure their investigation is comprehensive and effective in identifying and reducing risks due to high or low moisture content (MC). Now, to accompany its legacy line of meters, Delmhorst is introducing its Navigator™ series, enhanced with the company's proprietary EDGE™ app. Each meter in the series is designed to resolve one or more of the challenges inspectors face at almost every job site. These five Delmhorst instruments offer stellar service for practically all construction project moisture measurement needs:


The BDX-30

Delmhorst accents its popular 'BD' series with the BDX-30 moisture meter, a pin meter  that tracks moisture levels in wood, plaster, drywall, and other hygroscopic materials. Like its companion, the BDX-20, the BDX-30 is a sturdy, comfortable, and easy-to-read instrument. However, the BDX-30 is technologically enhanced with the EDGE™ app, which uses BluetoothⓇ connectivity to link the meter to a mobile device. Embedded in the app functionality is meter customization, selection of many different species of wood, the ability to add timestamps and geotags, and the ability to export data to any enabled tablet or phone. 


The ProScan

This pinless moisture meter is designed to detect moisture levels in wood products and several other building materials. Moisture readings are non-invasive as the instrument uses radio waves to determine the presence of moisture in the material. ProScan also facilitates species corrections for wood with a specific gravity of between .30 and .80, and it effectively identifies relative moisture levels in concrete and drywall. Its overall flexibility makes it a convenient tool for the inspection process.


The TotalCheck - A 3-in-1 Marvel

This adaptable device includes pins and scanning functions and also a thermo-hygrometer. Its detachable relative humidity and temperature sensor measures ambient moisture in the environment, and calculates the dew point and GPP (grains per pound). The device is compliant with ASTM F-2170 standards, making it ideal for in-situ RH testing in concrete slabs. Its capacity to measure the moisture content in many different materials, as well as the ambient environment, makes it a convenient tool to have on hand at every construction site. 


The TechCheck Plus   

When ease-of-use is top-of-mind, the TechCheck Plus is the choice. Delmhorst designed this instrument to be easy to use in almost any setting. As a 2-in-1 device, pin mode is used on wood, drywall and most building materials, while its scanning capacity is ideal for tracking moisture in drywall especially. The multi-function tool provides contractors with a simple-to-use, easy-to-read device to optimize their installations and assure their customers of a high-quality job.


The BD-10

This popular analog meter also uses pins to measure moisture in a variety of building materials including wood, drywall, plaster, insulation, and concrete. It’s easy to read, and the single button press makes it almost effortless to manage. The instrument's lightweight, comfortable design also makes it easy to carry to and use at any location. The BD-10 is perfect for entry-level users who need quick and easy readings at a reasonable cost and with a short lead time to mastery.     

All of these devices come with a sturdy carrying case, a variety of pins and probes, and package variations that address your specific prerequisites. Instruments programmed with the EDGE™ app also bring digital connectivity, unlimited reading storage, data transfer, and a library of corrections for over 100 species of wood.

Delmhorst designed its construction-focused line of moisture meters to streamline and simplify the process of finding and managing moisture levels through the construction process and beyond. Whether you're a builder, tradesperson, or inspector, any one of these devices will help you identify and alleviate moisture concerns quickly, comprehensively, and accurately so your project can move forward on time and on budget. 

For woodworking professionals and enthusiasts, our next article will discuss how to monitor moisture content through all the stages of wood product manufacturing. Moisture management during furniture production is critical if the item is to provide a long life of user enjoyment. Both manufacturers and enthusiasts will appreciate insights that will improve the quality and value of their goods and products.      

For more information on how Delmhorst’s premier moisture meters can enhance your productivity and facilitate smooth and accurate job completion, give our specialists a call today.

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