Building a Better Moisture Meter and Beyond with Delmhorst

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Oct 23, 2014 10:17:00 AM

Delmhorst is proud to make the best moisture meters we can to meet the needs of the people who use them.Here at Delmhorst Instrument Co., we’re dedicated to making sure that customers are satisfied with every moisture meter they get from us. One key part of making sure that the people who use our moisture meters are happy with their devices is to build the best devices we can for our customers.

How does Delmhorst build a better moisture meter? There are a few things that we do to make sure that we produce the best moisture meters we can for any given market, such as:

1: Listening to Customer Feedback

Year after year, Delmhorst works to bring the best moisture meters to market. However, this wouldn’t be possible without the support and feedback of the people who use our products.

When the end users of our products have a comment or concern about our moisture meters, we listen. Many times, the best ideas for improving moisture meters come from the people who have to use them on a daily basis. When end users think of an idea for making the use of their moisture meters easier and share that idea with us, we take it into consideration.

By listening to our customers, we here at Delmhorst can continually make improvements to all of our future moisture meter designs that users will love.

2: Manufacturing with Pride in the USA

We make our moisture meters right here in the USA, and we're proud of it.In an age where companies are constantly trying to save a buck by contracting cheap labor from overseas factories that cut corners whenever possible, Delmhorst Instrument Co. proudly makes moisture meters right here in the USA.

The Delmhorst team is dedicated to making sure every moisture meter they make follows high production standards. These employees are driven and motivated individuals who are working in a healthy environment that follows U.S. labor standards. Cutting corners for the sake of speed is not the Delmhorst way.

With a Delmhorst meter, you know that you’re getting a product that was made to high standards by people who care about the quality of their work, not just the quantity.

3: Using High Standards for Calibration

When it comes to measuring moisture in any kind of material, accuracy of the reading is a must. To ensure that your moisture testing products are accurate, Delmhorst checks each moisture meter against nationally recognized standards.

For example, Delmhorst’s RH meters are checked against a chilled mirror hygrometer, and their calibration is traceable through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Delmhorst’s pin and pinless meters are calibrated in conditions that best approximate the temperatures and environments that they are most likely to be used in. This ensures that Delmhorst’s moisture meters will be accurate in most common applications.

If a moisture meter doesn’t pass its calibration check, it doesn’t leave the factory.

4: Providing Comprehensive Support after the Sale

Delmhorst is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and support to our customers.Sometimes, even with the best innovations, manufacturing personnel, and quality assurance standards, there is that chance that something will go wrong with a moisture meter. Whether the issue is with a manufacturing defect or a customer having questions on the operation of the meter, people may need help with their meter after the purchase. This is why an important part of making a great moisture meter is making sure that there are plenty of resources available to end users once they have their moisture tester for wood, grain, or any other material.

Thankfully for users of Delmhorst products, there are numerous resources available to them when they have an issue, including:

  • A One-Year Warranty. All of Delmhorst’s moisture meters are covered under a clear, concise one-year warranty (optional electrodes and accessories have a 90-day warranty). This warranty is written simply so that you know what is covered under its terms to avoid confusion.

  • Speedy Repair and Replacement. In the event that a Delmhorst moisture meter doesn’t work because of a defect in the materials or workmanship of the meter, Delmhorst offers customers a very quick turnaround time on repair/replacement services. In most cases, a meter will spend ten days or less in our shop (for some competitor products, repair service can take months).

  • Online Owner’s Manuals. All too often, we hear about cases where people buy some fantastically advanced gadget, only to lose the manual that came with it and not be able to use the features. To keep customers from losing their manuals forever, Delmhorst keeps free .pdf copies of the owner’s manual for each of moisture meters online (Adobe Reader, a free software application, is required to read .pdf files).

  • Online Training Courses. Becoming familiar with the functions of your moisture meter is easy when you have access to a training course designed to bring new users up to speed with a specific moisture meter. Delmhorst offers online training courses to help new users learn how to use their moisture meters quickly and easily. Business owners love this feature for getting new employees up to speed with how to use their moisture meters.

  • Online Correction Tables. Different materials give different readings when checked with a moisture meter, even when these materials have the same moisture content. For users who don’t have moisture meters with built-in corrections for different material types (such as individual species of wood), Delmhorst provides online correction tables for both pin and pinless moisture meters.

  • American Customer Support. With Delmhorst, the customer support is based in the U.S., not outsourced to some call center on the other side of the planet where the operators aren’t paid to care. Delmhorst’s customer support staff are a part of the company, and are invested in making sure that they provide the best possible customer support. In fact, most customer issues are resolved over the phone in minutes, ensuring that users have access to their moisture meters when they need them, not having to wait for their meter to be shipped over for diagnosis and repair unless it’s actually necessary.

Learn more about how Delmhorst provides top-notch quality and support in our guide at the link below!

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