Avoiding Worker Burnout for Increased Productivity

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on Feb 12, 2014 11:47:00 AM

Lots of work with little vacation time can become a strain on anyone, from the person who loves their job to the worker who feels that they are just doing what they need to do to get by. Between the amount of stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits that can arise from this structured schedule, it is easy for employees to feel burnt out. A healthy, balanced approach to work assures focus, energy and commitment to a job well done.

The Effects Of Stress

Stress can cause many health issues that would effect on the job performance including:

  • Loss of concentration
  • Inefficiency
  • Forgetfulness
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive weight gain/loss
  • Muscle strain and tension
  • Abruptness with clients/co workers

Society is beginning to catch on, and some employers are now setting limits on the amount of work an individual does. Danica Kirka’s article “Firms Get Wiser to Worker Burnout” in The Associated Press provides great detail on how some companies work to avoid excess employee stress. Goldman Sachs in London, for example, has begun urging their junior staff to enjoy their weekends and relax, allowing their employees to recuperate over the weekend and start the work week fresh. They also hire first-year analysts as full-time employees, taking the stress and stigma away from the contract or temporary job label. Volkswagen shuts off their employees’ emails thirty minutes after their shift ends to ensure that they do not work after hours. For an individual to be successful and effective they must be well rounded; this includes resting when rest is due.

Worker with ipadKirka continues in her article to explore how the Great Recession has changed the mindset of contemporary business. Employees are more willing to come into work sick with a fever now than before the Recession, and some will even utilize technology to work outside of the office while on vacation. With the introduction of not only computers but tablets, smart phones, and other such devices available that connects to the office, employees are driven to be constant workers. While this shows dedication, it adds to the idea that multitasking is a good thing, while in actuality multitasking has been proven to cause a decrease in worker productivity.

Kirka’s article mentions Quirky, a New York based firm that focuses on new innovative inventions for industry. Quirky, led by CEO Ben Kaufman, has taken industry innovation to a whole new level: for a week every quarter, every employee except customer representatives takes a break from their desks and enjoys time away from work. The company has even increased their revenue through this method, as well-rested employees become more effective and productive, without the risk of burning out.

How To Avoid Burnout

With so many distractions and tasks to mentally organize and complete in a single work day, it is easy to get burnt out in eight hours. To avoid burnout, try these tips that are listed below; integrating them in your work day can help ease stress and provide the energy for extra efficiency and alertness. Avoid burnout or work-related stress with the following:

  • Avoid scheduling long appointments
  • Do not drive while tired
  • Avoid physical fatigue
  • Eat balanced meals
  • Get enough sleep every night
  • Wake up earlier than normal for some “You” time
  • Take some time every day to focus on a passion
  • Manage your time and thus your stress with a daily planner or to-do list
  • Drink plenty of water; remember, for every cup of caffeine consumed, drink two cups of water to balance both energy and hydration
  • Avoid using outdated equipment. Modern devices take away much of the manual work/ Moisture meters now provide much more information than those and other devices made even five or ten years ago.

Do not worry if you do not get everything done in a day. Prioritize what needs to get done immediately and finish tasks accordingly.

As more and more companies seem to catch on and time goes by that when an employee is rested, productivity soars as does employee morale. While avoiding burnout and increasing profit, reducing stress is a winning situation for both the individual and the company.

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