Moisture Meters and Product Support for the Hay Industry

Posted by Tom Laurenzi on May 23, 2022 10:00:15 AM

Hay producers require quality moisture meters to help maintain optimal moisture levels throughout each stage of production. Our case study highlights the challenges an end-user faces within the hay industry and outlines how we provide quality solutions to meet our clients' needs.

We will share the value of Delmhorst's premium customer support and reliable moisture meter products. We offer the highest standard in moisture meters, and our team responds quickly to customer needs with decades of experience. Here, we'll explore how those practices have made a difference to our customers, starting with the manager of a farm who relies on our meters for his hay production and storage.  


Client Profile


Our case study offers insights from Delmhorst client John Hummel, who works full-time at a forklift company in Central Point, Oregon. After working hours, John oversees a farming and haying business. 



The Need 


John had discovered broken battery covers on the back of several moisture meters used at the farm and reached out to us via email to address the problem. 

We learned that John considers quality moisture meters essential tools for identifying wet areas within a hay bale, and any possible issue that renders hay unsuitable for retail sale and affects a seller's overall revenue. 

The Solution


Our CEO, Tom Laurenzi, quickly replied to John's after-hours email regarding the broken battery covers, providing part replacements based on product model numbers.  

We extended clear guidance throughout his customer service inquiry and shared news about an upcoming moisture meter design to offer additional capabilities for hay producers. John remains satisfied with using the F-2000 to oversee the regular management of the moisture content of hay on the farm. 

The Impact


Our moisture meters effectively support John's hay business needs and are especially helpful for convenient bale management while moving throughout the facility. With the F-2000, John can quickly and consistently check the moisture of multiple bales, resulting in improved cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Additionally, we provided exceptional product quality and service before, during, and after the purchase of our meters. We strive to keep up with the varying demands of hay producers by designing practical solutions that identify users' needs and concerns. 

Our team continues to keep in touch with John throughout his customer journey, offering prompt insights on the most suitable models and keeping him current with the latest product releases for top performance. The positive impact of our personalized service has led John to recommend our quality equipment to his contacts within the hay industry. 

Delmhorst: Going Beyond Standard Moisture Meters


Delmhorst continues to deliver exceptional  service and leading moisture meter technology for producers like John within the hay industry. We believe in presenting solutions based on the latest industry standards and valuable feedback from customers. 

We produce an assortment of moisture meters and accessories and configurations that support specific hay applications. For instance, the FX-2000 model is a combo meter -  portable and on-the-go monitoring, ideal for high volume production at every stage of the process, such as the large-scale demands of John's hay operations. 

Our team can recommend robust moisture meters such as the F-2000, FX-2000, and F6/6-30, that offer different measurement ranges across multiple hay applications, enhanced by  prods, sensors and electrodes giving users a one-stop source for moisture testing needs.  

Additionally, we offer end-users access to info-rich content that supports their moisture meter use, including detailed owners’ manuals and  moisture content standard (MCS) calibration devices.  

Contact us today to discover the most suitable moisture meters for your specific hay needs! 

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